FROM: Dr. Scott Lloyd
RE: ART 352 - Printmaking Processes course still open!  Discover the artist/designer in you! 
Sent: 8/24/2017 9:55:39 AM
To: Students, Faculty, Staff

ART 353 Printmaking Processes is an introduction to the many fast and easy ways to create beautiful hand-made 2-D art and design works using simple cameras (phones) and new safe printmaking methods. And, there are NO STUDIO MATERIALS FEES for any class projects! If you have creative abilities, but are put off by making art in traditional media using the old ways, this course is perfect for you – this is not just a great new course for art and design majors!  

Learn strategies to ‘sketch’ with digital cameras/phones to get the best composition designs and then use quick, simple printmaking processes to get fast, safe, creative works in art and design. Many printmaking processes do not require a press, so you can easily do many of them at home after the course is done.  Printmaking is a multiples medium so many works can be easily and quickly replicated, be handmade, and not look like a cheap copy.  After this course you will not only have learned many new fast, safe, easy printmaking processes to make for yourself, personally and professionally, but will also have an appreciation for one of the fastest growing affordable mediums for collecting original fine art! 

Some of the printmaking processes covered include aromatic oil transfers, improved “kitchen lithography,” making cards/patterns/compositions from simple hand-made and store-bought stamps, simple woodcut, simple silkscreen, drypoint intaglio and safe copper etching.   This course is repeatable for anyone wanting to further explore more different printmaking processes, and will also count toward an art minor.