FROM: A cappella Groups/Yugo Ikach
RE: Auditions for A cappella Groups
Sent: 8/29/2017 8:29:35 AM
To: Students

Ever wanted to join an a cappella group?

Itching to sing more often?

Want to make some new friends?

Audition for an a cappella group!


All three of Cal U’s a cappella groups are holding auditions this fall!

Their contact and audition information can be found on the links below.


Acapella Stella

The All-Female Group

Facebook -

Twitter - @Acapella_Stella

Instagram - @acapellastella



The Men’s Group

For more information contact Dr. Yugo Ikach at

724-938-4878, or


Isolated Incident

The Co-Ed Group

Facebook -

Twitter - @ICEincident

Instagram - @iceincident


Auditions are the first week of the semester.


Don’t miss your opportunity!