FROM: Police Department
RE: Student Worker - Security
Sent: 8/31/2017 9:45:58 AM
To: Students, Faculty, Staff

Campus Police are looking for students interested in working within this department as “Security” for the 2017 Fall/2018 Spring Semesters.  We would like to employ someone from the Criminal Justice Program if at all possible but this is not a requirement. Shown below is a brief description of the duties/information for this position.


Description of the work that may be performed on your shift …


·       Students will be given Keys, an ID Badge, Wrenches, and a Communication Device (Radio or Phone) to use during their shift.

·       Assist University Police, as necessary, with student escorts.

·       Report to University Police any criminal activity witnessed.

·       Report to University Police any damaged or broken property.

·       Assist University Police with unlocking and locking rooms and buildings.

·       Traffic control or parking may also be a part of your duties during your shift.


A)   Each student will work two (2) – Four Hour Shifts per week.  Weekends may also be involved.  Anyone that wants to work an 8 hour shift will need to do so either on a Saturday or Sunday.

B)    Each student will be subject to fingerprinting and a background check and must clear this check in order to be employed in this department.

C)   It is imperative that the student be dependable and show up for work on time.



Interested parties should e-mail Becky Kozemchak at