FROM: Heidi Williams: Registrar
RE: Spring and Summer 2018 Schedule Viewable Online at Quicklinks or in VIP
Sent: 9/28/2017 8:47:56 AM
To: Students, Faculty, Staff



The Spring and Summer 2018 schedules are available for viewing under the VIP menu. 


  1. Log onto VIP (Vulcan Information Portal) by clicking the VIP link located on the left hand side of the Cal U Homepage – . This is located on the left hand side of the web page. 

  2. Your Username is the first part of your email address (without the “”). Your password is the same password you use for accessing email. If you have not obtained your email address, go to the homepage and click on  “Quick Links” and select “Get Campus Username and Password” -

  3. The first page of VIP is the Cal U tab.  This contains general information for the University population.

  4. Click on the “Academic Info” tab to register and view information personalized to you.

  5. Check your registration status by clicking on “Registration Status” located in the Registration Tools Channel.  Your status will show such information as your class level, your academic standing, and any holds that have been placed on your registration.  If a hold is present, you will need to contact the office that placed the hold on your registration to make arrangements to clear it.  You may obtain more information regarding your hold by clicking on the “View Holds” link located at the bottom of the page. 

  6. Use the Schedule Planner to generate multiple schedule options for side-by-side comparisons.  The Schedule Planner has a feature that allows you to identify “breaks” by blocking off times when you are unavailable to take class, such as for jobs or athletics.  It also integrates with DegreeWorks to allow you to import your active degree plan.


To access College Scheduler, simply login to the Vulcan Information Portal (VIP).  Click on Banner (SSB)  Student  Registration  Schedule Planner New!!!

For a brief demonstration of Schedule Planner basics, follow this link


Additional videos are available through the help menu in the Schedule Planner.


  1. Under the Registration Tools channel –click on “Look Up Classes” to see the available courses with meeting times, location, prerequisites and instructor. Write down the CRN(s) of the class(es) you would like to register for.

  2. Discuss your proposed schedule with your advisor.

  3. Return to the Academic Info Tab to register for the courses you have chosen.  (Link is in the top left hand corner.)

  4. Click on “Add or Drop Classes”

  5. Upon Clicking on “Add or Drop Classes”  A Financial Disclosure statement may be displayed, in order to be able to register you must click Agree.  If you do not agree you are not permitted to register. This should only be displayed once during your career at Cal U. If you have any questions about the information in the Financial Disclosure statement please contact the Bursar’s Office at 724-938-4431.

  6. Enter the CRN of the course(s) you would like to register for and click “Submit”

  7. Read the message in bold red print telling you that by clicking submit you have registered for a course(s) which includes billing hours for tuition and fees.  You are responsible for this bill unless you drop the courses prior to end of the drop/add period.

  8. Certain courses have been identified by the department as requiring a prerequisite.  If you have not met the necessary prerequisite, you will not be allowed to register for the class without the permission of the department. 

  9. If you need permitted into a course for any reason other than capacity, make sure you write down why you are restricted from the course and the CRN. Please also provide your Campus Wide Id Number. This will allow the department to handle your request quickly. Permits will not be accepted as an override of the course capacity. Students who need into a course that is full are required to submit a Needs List Request.

  10.  Waitlisting: we are adding additional courses to the Wait List feature. You will receive a registration error and will have the opportunity to add your name to the wait list. If no waitlist is available, students should use the Needs List. This will allow you to “register” for an open seat in a closed course.  This does not guarantee you a seat but if a seat opens up you will be sent an email stating that a seat has opened in a course you waitlisted.  You will have 96 hours to register for the course or you will lose your place and the next person on the list will be contacted.  Courses that are full and have been coded as being waitlisted will have the option of WL in the drop down menu where you would normally see RW or DW.


Registration Schedule




Registration Group


November 6, 2017


Associate Degree &

90-120+ Earned Credits

Graduate Students


November 7, 2017


60-89 Earned Credits


November 8, 2017


30-59 Earned Credits


November 9, 2017


0-29 Earned Credits


November 10, 2017

ü  Registration open to all current students


November 20, 2017

ü  Needs List Processing Begins


NOTE: Schedule is subject to change without notice.

Earned Credits are credits completed not in progress or registered credits.

If you have problems with registration or do not know how to register,
please visit to 210 Noss Hall - Scheduling Center or email


If a class is closed that you need, go to and search “needs list”.

Sign into the page and accurately fill in all of the required information.

You will be contacted if a seat becomes available.


Trouble shooting:

Student data

(724) 938-4435


(724) 938-4431

Financial Aid

(724) 938-4415

Degree Audit

Graduation Requirements

(724) 938-4435

Utech Services

Logging into system

Password problems

(724) 938-5911 (Noss 210)

Closed Classes – Scheduling Assistance