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Did You Know!?!?!?!!


Intramural sports offer structured contests, meets, tournaments and leagues.

 Currently enrolled California University of Pennsylvania students and currently employed faculty or staff are eligible to participate in any of the intramural events offered by the Department of Recreational Services. All participants must have a valid Cal Card at the intramural activity in which they participate.


Rosters for each activity must have the minimum amount of players prior to the captains meeting. Rosters may be adjusted for any reason after two (2) weeks from the start of the intramural event. Any roster adjustment after that point must be approved through the Intramural Director.  Rosters cannot be adjusted after the final regular season game.


Some sports may have a limit on the number of varsity athletes or club sport members who appear on a team’s roster. Those limits will be listed on the roster for the particular sports.


Teams must have the required number of participants for a particular sport in order to avoid a forfeit. Games will not be played if a team does not have the minimum number of participants as listed in the Intramural rules for that sport.


The Department of Recreational Services will post games schedules and up-to-date information over the website. Game and sport questions can be directed at the Herron Recreation and Fitness front desk.


Any questions concerning the Cal U Intramural program should be directed to Tom Hasbrouck at x5456 or