FROM: Chemistry Club (Dr. Woznack)
RE: "Chemistry Rocks! Exploring the Chemistry of Rocks and Minerals" Free Webinar, Pizza and Prizes
Sent: 10/18/2017 4:21:53 PM
To: Students, Faculty, Staff

Chemistry Rocks! Exploring the Chemistry of Rocks and Minerals

an ACS Program-in-a-Box

When: Tuesday, October 24th at 6:45pm

Where: New Science 127

There will be pizza and door prizes available to all participants

Topics of Discussion:

       How can we use minerals to improve the quality of life?

       What is the structural chemistry of various gemstones?

       What is biomineralization and how can it inspire sustainable and novel building materials?

       How mineralizing carbon dioxide can make an impact on the future of climate change?

       What is the energy-water-food nexus and why do minerals matter?

       What are some potential future careers in rock and mineral chemistry?

Featuring expert webinar panelists from SciShow, Washington University in St. Louis, American Geophysical Union, and Blue Planet