FROM: Parking and Transportation
RE: Student Parking Permit Renewals
Sent: 11/15/2017 2:47:21 PM
To: Students

Dear Cal U Permit Holder:

The student parking permit renewal period for the Spring semester will be open from November 20 through December 29, 2017. Please login to your parking account to renew your permit as soon as possible.

Remember that permits do not automatically renew. In order to secure your permit for the upcoming semester, you must login to your parking account and renew your permit. During the open renewal period, you can charge your permit renewal to your student account or pay with a debit/credit card. You should also review your vehicle information to ensure it is accurate.

If you no longer need a parking permit, please return your permit to the Department of Parking and Transportation to avoid any academic holds.


If you will be renewing, but would like to park in a different lot, this is the time to place yourself on the waitlist for another lot. Waitlist award letters will be released to your Cal U email during the Winter Break.


Please note the availability of permits released from the waitlists are based upon the number of permits returned (i.e. students graduating). Because you are not guaranteed a permit if you place yourself on a waitlist, we recommend you renew your existing permit to ensure you have a parking permit for the Spring semester. You can renew your existing permit and place yourself on a waitlist.


If you have any questions or require assistance in renewing your permit, please contact the Parking and Transportation office at 724-938-4677.


Do not wait! Renew your permit as soon as possible.




Christopher Johnston


Department of Parking and Transportation