FROM: Student Association Inc (SAI)
RE: Activities Transcript > Handshake
Sent: 9/10/2019 9:59:51 AM
To: Students, Faculty, Staff


The Cal U Activities Transcript was created as a tool for students to keep a detailed record of their out-of-classroom activities that they in turn could share with potential employers. We are about to make that process easier and more convenient.

Effective September 30, 2019, the Activities Transcript is moving to Handshake from OrgSync, which will be discontinued on that date.

Students can continue to document their out of classroom activities using Handshake ( Club and organization memberships can be easily added to a student’s profile all at once by uploading your resume into Handshake then importing your resume into your Handshake profile, or individually by scrolling to the “Organizations & Extracurriculars” section of the home page, clicking on “Add An Organization”, then completing the information requested.

Students should download a copy of their Activities Transcript from OrgSync before September 30. New entries can be added until September 23 to ensure there is adequate time for approval of entries. Entries added after September 23 may not be approved in time for inclusion on the final transcript.

We recommend uploading the PDF of your final Activities Transcript to Handshake so that employers can view your existing co-curricular record without you having to re-enter all the information, which you can do if you prefer everything to be visible on your profile. Be sure to make your document public so employers and university personnel can view it easily.

You can review the information that an employer can see by clicking on the “See Employer View” button, and if needed, print the page or save as a PDF and email.

Questions about OrgSync can be answered by Pam DelVerne at

Questions about Handshake can be answered by the Career and Professional Development Center at