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RE: Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month- September 15 - October 15- Roberto Clement
Sent: 10/1/2019 10:55:20 AM
To: Students

Roberto Clemente

            A man who most likely needs no introduction, Roberto Enrique Clemente Walker was a baseball megastar and a virtuous, giving humanitarian. Born in Puerto Rico in 1934, Clemente was just as humble and thoughtful as a child as he was in his later years, helping his father with any hard labor that he needed a hand with. While Clemente was naturally gifted as an athlete (being an Olympic hopeful and a track star), it took a while to devote himself to the sport of baseball. After stint with the Brooklyn Dodgers, a minor league team, he made his major league debut with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1955.

            Two World Series titles, an MVP, twelve Golden Gloves and an assortment of other awards later, Clemente cemented his way MLB Hall of Fame. A giant on and off of the field, Clemente was committed to charity work and promoting equality for Latin Americans. Tragically, Clemente was killed in plane crash during a mission trip to Nicaragua- delivering aid packages.

Clemente’s legacy lives on in the hearts of citizens of Pittsburgh and Puerto Rico. Artist, Jose Buscaglia, said this of Clemente:  "Son of Carolina, Exemplary Citizen, Athlete, Philanthropist, Teacher, Hero of the Americas and the World.

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