FROM: The Office of Multicultural Affairs and Diversity Education
RE: Celebrate LGBT History Month- October 1 - 31- Denice Frohman: Poet, Educator
Sent: 10/9/2019 8:52:29 AM
To: Students

“Tell then when we discovered life on another planet, it was a woman & she built a bridge, not a border.”

Denice Frohman is a poet, performer, and educator from New York City. She is a queer, mixed Latina from Puerto Rican and Jewish descent. She uses poetry to write about identity, lineage, power dynamics, and celebrating the parts of people that are often deemed unimportant. She strives to empower young poets to have their voices heard. As a former Program director for The Philly Youth Poetry Movement, she was able to mentor and work with upcoming poets.

Frohman’s poetry has been commissioned by The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the City of Philadelphia. She has been featured on stage at the White House, Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, the Lincoln Center, the National Latino Association of Arts and Culture Awards, and City of Philadelphia's Office of LGBT Affairs.  ~K. Melck

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