FROM: Heidi Williams: Registrar
RE: Spring 2020 Registration Preparation
Sent: 10/15/2019 11:04:15 AM
To: Students, Faculty, Staff



The Spring and Summer 2020 master schedules are available for viewing under the VIP menu. 


1.      Log onto VIP by clicking the VIP link located on the left hand side of the Cal U  Homepage

2.           Your Username is the first part of your email address (without the “”).

3.           Your password is the same password you use for accessing email.

4.           Click on the “Academic Info” tab to register and view personalized information.

5.           Check your registration status (time ticket) by clicking “Academic Info tab.” Under Registration Tools, click on “Registration.” Click on “Prepare for Registration” (Spring 2020 or Summer 2020). Your status will show information such as class level, your academic standing, registration time ticket, and any holds that have been placed on your registration.  (If a hold is present, you will need to contact the office that placed the hold to make arrangements to clear it).

6.           Use “Schedule Planner” to generate multiple schedule options for side-by-side comparisons. To access “Schedule Planner” in VIP, click on “Academic Info” tab, then click “Registration Tools,” then click “Schedule Planner.” See link for a tutorial on the planner. Additional videos are available through the help menu in the Schedule Planner. You may save the classes to a “shopping cart” once you find the version you like.

7.           To look up classes, click the “Academic Info” tab, click “Registration” then click “Browse Classes” to see available course meeting times, location, prerequisites and instructors. (To see all classes available under a subject area, enter the subject, then click “Search.” Write down CRN numbers for those courses you wish to take.

8.           Discuss your proposed schedule with your academic advisor.

9.           On your registration day and time, log into VIP, click on the “Academic Info” tab to register. Click on “Register for Classes.”

10.       Upon Clicking on “Register for Classes” a financial disclosure statement may be displayed. You must click AGREE to continue registering. If you do not agree, you are not permitted to register. If you have any questions about the information in the Financial Disclosure statement please contact the Student Accounts Office at


11.       You can either register your saved cart in the Schedule Planner or enter the CRN of the course(s) you want. Clicking the “Add” button will put the course on your Summary panel. If the panel is not visible, click on the “Panel button” in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. To register click “Submit.”

12.   Wait List: If the class is full, you will receive a registration error and will have the opportunity to add your name to the wait list. This will allow you to “register” for an open seat in a closed course.  This does not guarantee you a seat, but if a seat opens, you will receive an email stating that a seat has opened. You will have 96 hours to register for the course or you lose your place. The next person on the list will be contacted. Wait list tutorials are available at the following link:


Registration Schedule




Spring 2020 Registration for Classes




Registration Group


November 4, 2019

6 am

Associate Degree &

90-120+ Earned Credits

Graduate Students


November 5, 2019

6 am

60-89 Earned Credits


November 6, 2019

6 am

30-59 Earned Credits


November 7, 2019

6 am

0-29 Earned Credits


November 8, 2019

ü  Registration open to all current students


NOTE: Schedule is subject to change without notice.

Earned Credits are credits completed not in progress or registered credits.

If you have problems with registration or do not know how to register,
please visit to 210/211 Noss Hall - Scheduling Center or email



·         The date listed above is the EARLIEST day you may register.  You may register anytime after this date through January 28, 2020 for full 15-week classes. For classes that are on the schedule that begin later in the semester, you may add these until the first day of the class start date using an “Add Slip” or emailing Academic Records.  

·         Add/Drop and Rolling Registration will begin on November 4, 2019.  You must talk with your advisor before you drop or add courses or register for the next semester. 


Trouble shooting:

·         If you receive a time ticket error please contact Academic Records (4435)







If you experience any problems, please contact the offices below during regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.)

Student data (Opens at 6:00am during early registration)

(724) 938-4435


(724) 938-4431

Financial Aid

(724) 938-4415

Degree Audit

Graduation Requirements

(724) 938-4435

Utech Services

Logging into system

Password problems

(724) 938-5911 (Noss 210)

Scheduling Assistance



Section Letter Codes:


ü  Sections with “A” are lectures that require a co-requisite lab (B, C, D, etc). Lab courses are 0 (zero) credits (ex. BIO 120 01A, BIO 120 01C)

ü  Sections with “W” are web courses (ex. SOC 100-W01)

ü  Sections with “GW” are shared web and Global Online (ex. HIS 101-GW1)

ü  Sections with “G” are restricted to Global Online majors (ex. SPT 310-G02)

ü  Sections with “T” are for students intending to student teach (ex. ELE 461-T00)

ü  Sections with “X” are internships; cannot register unless you have applied for an internship (PGM 425-X01)

ü  Sections with “Z” are individualized instruction; cannot register unless you have requested permission (ex. GTY 100-Z01)

ü  Sections with “C” are restricted to Learning Communities (ENG 101-CA1)



ü  MWF – Monday / Wednesday / Friday

ü  TR – Tuesday / Thursday  (R = Thursday)

ü  TBA – To Be Announced (no specific time set)

ü  CRN – 5-digit course number used to register a course

ü  STAFF – A faculty has yet to be assigned to that class



ü  If certain tools are not working on VIP, use a different browser—Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.

ü  If you get an error message when you try to register for a class, make a note of that error message and try again in 5 minutes after closing your browser.

ü  Undergraduate Full-Time Status is 12-18 credits.

ü  Message in VIP:  External Error means the system is crowded or down. Try logging in again.

ü  If you get a screen that asks for a pin number, log out and then log back in to VIP. Pin numbers are NOT used!!!!!!

ü  Repeating a course – go to the Academic Records Office, first floor Dixon Hall for permission.


Error Messages

ü  Co-Requisite – you must register for both courses (ex., lecture and lab)

ü  Major restriction - you are not in the declared major to get into this course

ü  Prerequisite - you did not take the pre-required course or meet minimum SAT/placement test scores

ü  Time Conflict - conflicts with another course that you have registered

ü  Class Closed-Max enrollment – no seats left at this time (use the waitlist)






Summer 2020 Registration for Classes

Begins February 17, 2020