FROM: Medieval and fencing clubs
RE: Join us at the Academy!
Sent: 10/25/2019 10:42:10 AM
To: Students, Faculty, Staff

Do you cosplay?  Want to start getting into making things for yourself?  Learn how to focus?  Improve your body mechanics for sports?  Draw?  Practice for theater?  Learn neat things about history?  Love the Medieval times?

The Society for Creative Anachronism and Cal U’s Fencing and Medieval Clubs are teaming up to give you a FREE opportunity to learn all this and more!

Just a sample:

How to Block Print fabric

Lessons on scribal work – pick up a pen or brush and learn to draw beautiful things!  (In many cases, natural talent for art is not required…it can be learned.)

Japanese flat fabric folding to make totes, wrap packages and more

Building fight memory

Fighting mindset: Winning the mental war

Body mechanics, strength, balance and flexibility.

Lessons on Commedia, a type of theater – part farce, part improvisation, all fun!

The history of Purgatory

Leather dyes of Medieval Europe – learn recipes for making several shades of dyes! 

Everything is free to attend!  Sometimes a small fee (three bucks, for example)  is charged for supplies or a handout, but you don’t need to do it – you can just attend and take notes.

To find out more check out:

But there is a catch!

All those who participate must make an attempt at pre-1600’s clothing.  Don’t worry – we have simple garb to lend, Viking t-tunics you can toss over your head, for example.  As we are a medieval re-enactment group, this helps you blend in and be part of the fun.  Like dressing for a convention or the Ren faire.  You can also wear whatever you happen to have…some ladies already have peasant blouses and skirts.  If you would like more info, or if you need garb, please email Cindy Speer at


November 2nd, 2019


Cal U’s Convocation Center