FROM: Dr. Sean C. Madden
RE: A New Course Spring 2020 American Military Experience in Global Context CRN 11527 INT 157 001
Sent: 11/6/2019 11:26:21 AM
To: Students, Faculty, Staff

A New Course: INT 157 – Spring 2020  


American Military Experience in Global Context – 11527 – INT 157 - 001


As part of the new Certificate:  History of War, Service and the Military Experience, this is the first offering of this course.


We will focus on the role of those who served, and the role of all persons associated with the American military experience if any variety of capacities.


In this course we will explore the social, political and historical context of the American military experience.  Students will have the opportunity to reflect on personal experiences and the experiences of others.  


This course is open to those seeking the certificate and to any others interested in this important and fascinating topic.  There are no prerequisites.


Instructor:  Dr. Sean C. Madden