FROM: Doug Hoover
RE: Receive 6 credits of WKE (3 in fall, 3 in spring) Accepting applications for Director of the Center for Undergraduate Research – Deadline of December 13
Sent: 12/3/2019 3:35:55 PM
To: Faculty


Job Title:   Director – California University Center for Undergraduate Research

 Division:   Academic Affairs

 Position Status:   Regular faculty

 Supervisor:   Associate Provost and Dean of Library Services and Undergraduate Research (Doug Hoover)



Primary Role 


The Director will serve as the faculty lead for the operation of the California University Center for Undergraduate Research.  The Director will be the point person for undergraduate research activities supported by the University.  The Director will oversee the operation of a sustainable undergraduate research program indicative of Cal U’s commitment to raising awareness about undergraduate research across disciplines, facilitating research experiences for undergraduates, and supporting and recognizing research achievements of both students and their mentors.  The Director will facilitate and communicate the activities in the Center for Undergraduate Research.  The Director must have an innovative vision for resource access and utilization and strategies for developing and operating the Center for Undergraduate Research.  The Director will report to the Dean designated to manage the operation of the Center for Undergraduate Research, and will work with the dean to establish goals and assessment outcomes.  Limited clerical support comes from the office of the designated dean.


Position Responsibilities


1)          Oversee the operation of the Cal U Center for Undergraduate Research

2)          Chair the Undergraduate Research Advisory Council

3)          Work with faculty, students, and administrators to promote, facilitate, monitor, document, and evaluate undergraduate research across the three undergraduate colleges

4)          Plan and oversee the Strike a Spark Conference and other campus wide undergraduate research events

5)          Coordinate and promote efforts with the Faculty Professional Development Center and other organizations/offices with interests related to undergraduate research

6)          Work with University Marketing to develop suitable newsletters, media, publicity events, publications, and web content to publicize and promote undergraduate research efforts and achievements

7)          Increase participation in undergraduate research among all student groups with special emphasis on traditionally underrepresented students

8)          Serve on committees relevant to the University's research infrastructure


Position Qualifications

a)       Full time tenured or tenure track faculty member

b)      Master’s degree required; terminal degree (as defined by the CBA) preferred.  Experience can substitute on a one-to-one basis for education

c)       Strategic planning capabilities and the ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines

d)      Ability to navigate the University environment; well-respected by faculty, staff, students, and administration

e)       Excellent communication (oral & written), problem-solving, analytical, organizational, and project management skills

f)        Skills in word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, internet searches, email management, and web-based research administration and research funding software

g)       Ability to work collaboratively with many different groups

h)      Demonstrated research record; preference to experience involving undergraduates in productive research experiences


To Apply


Submit a letter of application and a condensed CV by December 13 (email:  The letter should be as concise as possible (not to exceed two pages in length) and explain how the applicant meets required expectations for the position by addressing key responsibilities and qualifications outlined above.  The submitted CV should not exceed four pages in length.