FROM: Human Resources
RE: Fidelity Account Representative on Campus
Sent: 12/11/2019 10:49:59 AM
To: Faculty, Staff

Fidelity Account Representative On Campus


George Maccarelli, our Fidelity account representative will be on campus on Friday, February 14, 2020 for individual consultation sessions. If you do not currently have an account with Fidelity, Mr. Maccarelli welcomes all questions.


Mr. Maccarelli can help you:

Ø  Maximize the potential of your savings plan at work

Ø  Review investment choices

Ø  Consolidate multiple retirement accounts

Ø  Develop a plan with simple steps you can act on right away


These sessions will be held in the Human Resources Conference Room, 408 Dixon Hall.


You may schedule an appointment by calling 1-800-642-7131 or Click this link to Schedule an Appointment Online.


If you have any questions, please contact Diana Balla at extension 4427.