FROM: Alcohol and Other Drug Education
RE: Survey!
Sent: 2/17/2020 9:13:56 AM
To: Students


·    Does your university know what students are drinking/not drinking? Are they aware of what drugs students are taking/not taking? Are you willing to help your university by giving us a true picture of the typical student?  Take our survey, and you will help us create a very real picture at California University as well as the entire state system which we will share with you.

·    Results will help us in planning to make improvements that benefit students in key areas: academics, health, and safety.  Please be assured that this survey is not being sent by any departments of your university connected with law enforcement or judicial matters. Instead, it is a wellness initiative.

·    The survey takes about 15 minutes and your participation is needed so that we can gain an accurate picture and design the
           besprograms at California University.

·    Your individual responses will be kept confidential, but the collective responses will be shared with all members of both your school and other participating schools.




We ask that you please respond to this survey today.


If not today, please do so on or before

February 29, 2020.


Thank you for your time and participation, The PASSHE AOD Coalition

To take the survey now:

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