FROM: English Department
RE: Composition, Scientific & Tech Writing, and Animation: English Summer Classes
Sent: 4/21/2020 8:02:21 AM
To: Students, Faculty

English Courses Summer 2020

ENG 101-W01 English Composition I
1st 6 week session (26 May – 3 July)
Dr. Todd Carlisle

Online Composition I: You don’t like to write? You have a fear of writing? You don’t think you write well? No need to worry. Help is on the way. Please sign up for the six-week online Composition I class. The professor will walk you through the writing process step by step. You will be provided hands-on writing instructions and ongoing feedback on your writing. All of the exercises and writing projects will work toward your final paper. In essence, you will be working on your final project from day one of class. Students who engage, submit work on time, follow directions, and incorporate the instructor’s feedback will become better writers by the end of the six weeks.

ENG 101-W02 English Composition I
10 Week Session (8 June – 14 August)
Dr. Keat Murray

Working with contemporary issues, students develop writing and research skills that are instrumental for success in college and their professional lives. Writing assignments emphasize brevity, focus, and clarity as students articulate their informed perspectives about contemporary topics. Students will also progress toward mastering a documentation style for their major fields of study.

ENG 102-W01 English Composition II
10 Week Session (8 June – 14 August)
Dr. Debbie Goh

This course focuses on cultivating analytical and expository skills in reading and producing persuasive texts. Students will learn the key approaches to argumentation, and practice using classical appeals and claim strategies to develop and structure persuasive arguments.

ENG 179 Introduction to the Animated Film
10 Week Session (8 June – 14 August)
Dr. M. G. Aune

Do you enjoy watching, talking, and thinking about cartoons? Did you ever think there might be a college course on animation? Or are you looking for a fine arts or an ethics / multicultural general education course? If you answer yes to any of these questions, this course is for you! Entirely online, we will explore animation from a variety of historical periods and cultures. We’ll touch on the Golden Era in the U.S., Japanese anime, stop action, experimental, and more.

ENG 217-W Scientific and Technical Writing
10 Week Session (8 June – 14 August)
Dr. Christina Fisanick

ENG 217: Sci-Tech Writing will focus on creating documents for a variety of fields with an emphasis on using writing as a problem-solving tool.