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Are you in need of seminars? If so, please read the information below.   By following the links provided, you can view recorded webinars that can be put into LiveText! 


Webinars for Seminars

ASCD: (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) This organization is for
teachers, principals, school curriculum specialists, and other kinds of teacher supervisors. While many of their resources require you to be members- this list includes many that are free. You do need to go in and register before the recorded webinar opens for you. They have a lot of very current topics. Don’t bother looking at the members-only section- just in the archives.

Simple K-12: They run seminars in the summer months. Look at the list and dates. Focus on the free ones (orange banner) since some of these are paid webinars. They are not recorded webinars- you have to watch during the time they are actually happening.

TED Talks: They have many fascinating topics. To count as a seminar- it should be more than half an hour in length. Many of theirs are too short to count for our purposes (but still worth watching).
This area is particularly of interest to teachers
Also note that there is a separate web area for schools (Ted ED) that has webinars accompanied by lesson plans for teachers to use in schools.

Pearson: This website asks you to register for the most recent webinars. There are free ones within the On Demand section.

EdWeb: EdWeb provides live and archived webinars that address a wide range of education topics.
1. EdWeb provides free education webinars. It is an excellent website for continued
learning and professional development.
2. Go to
3. In the upper right corner of the page click JOIN EDWEB. You must join to be able to
access the archived webinars. This is a FREE site.
4. After you join and log in, click EDWEBINAR ARCHIVES located in the navigation at
the top of the site. Search for webinars that interest you. Reminder: You must be logged
in to EdWeb or you will not be able to access the webinar archives and will not see the
edWebinar Archives link.
5. There are also free live webinars listed in the edWebinars Calendar by clicking "Free
edWebinars" on the home page, or by clicking the "edWebinars Calendar" after you log
in to the edWeb site.

McGraw-Hill: When searching this YouTube challen, you can find over 100 different webinars.  The topics range from ELA strategies to social, emotional learning.

Past Foundation: This website serves as a great resource for webinars involving STEM.
Towards the bottom of the page, you will see a section titled “Previous Webinars Recordings and Resources”. It will ask you a few questions, but then it will lead to an archive of free webinars.