FROM: Wellness Services
RE: Graduate Assistant Positions Available for Fall!
Sent: 6/30/2020 9:26:54 AM
To: Students

The Student Wellness Support Office is seeking THREE Graduate Assistants for various roles starting in the fall. Interested candidates should have a general knowledge of alcohol and other drugs and other health education trends, as well as program management and coordination skills. Graduate students in Counselor Education, Social Work, and Psychology preferred for the first two positions listed. Please state in your interest email which position you are applying for. You may also rank positions in order of preference if interested in more than one position.


Position 1: BASICS/CASICS Graduate Assistant - Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students/Cannabis Screening and Intervention for College Students. This is a 300 hour (20 hours/week) position that involves a great deal of brief motivational interviewing with students. This position is a great learning experience for graduate students who are going into the counseling or social work fields.


Position 2: OPTIONS@CalU Graduate Assistant- This is a 200 hour (13.5 hours/week) position that is heavily focused on education and prevention of alcohol and other substance use throughout campus. Students in this role are responsible for creating awareness campaigns and programs for health/mental health related trends, as well as creating social media content. This position is also a supervisory position to undergraduate students workers in this office.


Position 3: Wellness Support Graduate Assistant - This is a 300 hour (20 hours/week) position. The student in this role is tasked with continuing to grow the Active Minds group on campus. This role is also critical in assisting the Director with programming, awareness campaigns, and health promotions. This position is open to all graduate program majors.


If interested, please send an email of interest to Rachel Michaels at

Please include a current resume, any experience you have, your graduate program major, and reasons why you believe you will be a good fit for this office.