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    FROM: AET RE: Safety Certificate and Health
    11/1/2012 2:47:34 PM
    To: Students, Faculty, Staff

    Interested in getting more from your University education?

    Consider obtaining a “Safety Certificate and Health” by enrolling in a few extra courses!


    Earn a Certificate in Safety and Health.

    Earn an OSHA 30 Hour General Industry card. (LIFETIME)

    Earn an American Heart Association Certificate:

                                 Heart-Saver CPR/AED/Adults, Infant and Children

    Requirements: Safety Certificate (4 courses)

    ITE 101 Introductions to Industrial Safety

    ITE 220 Introduction Industrial Health and Hygiene

    ITE 305 OSHA General Industries

    HSC 315 First-Aid and Personal Safety

    Informational Contacts:           AET Department Professor, (724)938-4384        AET Department Chairperson, (724)938-4085        AET Department Secretary, (724)938-4085      HSS Department Professor, (724)938-4069            College of Science and Technology Dean, (724)938-4169