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FROM: Jon Kallis RE: D2L: How to copy a course
1/3/2013 11:11:30 AM
To: Faculty, Staff

Desire2Learn gives the faculty member the ability to copy one of their previous course shells in to a new course shell.

It is recommended that you print and save these instructions for future use.


  • This process will not copy over student data. Example: Your discussion forums and topics will transfer over, but none of the student posts will follow.
  • If you have date restrictions anywhere in the course, the dates will copy over to the new shell and will need to be modified accordingly in the new shell.

The process to copy a course is as follows:

  1. Go to your BLANK shell
  2. Click Edit Course in the navbar
  3. Click Import/Export/Copy Components under the Tools heading
  4. Make sure the circle next to Copy Components from Another Org Unit is selected and the checkbox next to Include protected resources is checked.
  5. Click the Next button.
  6. From the dropdown box, find the D2L shell you want to copy from and select it.
  7. The system will now be thinking. Wait until it is done thinking. You will know it is done because you will see new selections appear on the screen under a heading titled Choose Components to Copy.
  8. Click the top check box next to Select All Components. This will select the entire contents of the course.
  9. Hit Next.
  10. A confirmation screen will load. Hit Next.
  11. You will see the progress of the course copy by category. As each item finishes, a green check mark will appear next to it.
  12. Once everything is completed a Done button will appear. Click Done.

If you need to copy a course from another professor, you must first obtain permission from that professor. It is recommended that you obtain this permission via e-mail. An instructional designer can then copy the course for you once you forward the permission. Forward the request to Jon Kallis and Adam Stairs: and