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FROM: Diane Biddle, Workers' Compensation Manager, Environmental Health and Safety RE: The University's Panel of Health Care Providers has been REVISED
6/27/2013 2:16:28 PM
To: Students, Faculty, Staff

The University’s Panel of Health Care Providers list for work-related injuries or illness has been revised.  The Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) is pleased to provide the University’s newly revised Panel of Health Care Providers, which has been enhanced to include services offered through the KeyScripts Network of providers.  KeyScripts LLC (“KeyScripts”) is a specialty network of services which includes not only treating physicians, but physical and occupational therapy, chiropractic, and medical diagnostic imaging services.  The enhanced panel now includes the addition of diagnostic imaging; for instance, MRI, CT Scan, EMG, etc., which were not included on previous provider panels.  Please be aware that X-rays are exempt from this process and may be obtained at the physician’s office at the time of the appointment.  Below is a link to the University’s new Panel of Health Care Providers:

REVISED Panel of Health Care Providers

As stated on the University’s revised panel, when scheduling Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, and Diagnostic Imaging appointments, you are to contact KeyScripts at 1-866-446-2848.  All of the work will be done for you, from locating the closest specialized care and/or medical facility that will meet your needs, to the scheduling of your appointment.  All available options will be discussed with the injured employee.  The injured employee can indicate a specific provider or location where they would like to receive treatment or medical diagnostic services and every attempt will be made to locate a participating provider.  


The addition of the KeyScripts specialty network of services not only promises significant savings below the Pennsylvania Fee Schedule, but also superior service from the participating providers belonging to the KeyScripts Network.  Our goal is to continue to encourage all designated healthcare providers to participate in the KeyScripts specialty network, as we continue to revise the University’s Panel of Physicians to provide the best available treatment at the lowest costs possible.


Therefore, effective immediately, all University employees involved in a work-related incident which requires the injured employee to select an attending physician, health care provider, and/or diagnostic imaging, must choose a provider from the University’s REVISED Panel of Health Care Providers found at the above link.  If you are unable to print a copy of the panel, please contact EHS at 724-938-4411 or e-mail me at and one will be provided to you.  The University’s revised panel is also available on the Environmental Health and Safety website at

Please direct all questions to my attention at 724-938-4411 or via e-mail.

Thank you.