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FROM: The Activist Club and Women's Studies RE: FREE THE GIRLS BRA DONATIN DRIVE
4/24/2014 1:55:26 PM
To: Students, Faculty, Staff

Free the Girls Bra Donative Drive


The Activist Club, Women’s Studies Program, & I AM THAT GIRL are at it again! It’s time for the 3rd Annual Free the Girls Bra Drive.

Do you have bras that just don’t fit anymore? Did the new bra you bought just not work out? Do you have a bra graveyard in a dresser drawer that’s just taking up room?

Does someone you know complain about having too many bras that are old and outdated? Do you have a significant other, family member, or friend that wears a bra?

Great! This message is for YOU! This message is for EVERYONE! Because let’s face it, we all know someone who wears a bra!

Free the Girls is an organization that collects new and gently used bras to send to developing countries, like Mozambique, Africa, for survivors of human and sex trafficking to sell to make a living. Bras are considered a commodity in these countries, and by selling bras, a survivor of sexual slavery can sell these bras and make a living to support her family. This keeps her out of the sex trade.

Bras are being collected all March long in Azorsky 136 AND The End V/Women’s Center in Carter G45. Questions? Email Amber Preston ( or Daelynn Roach (