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    FROM: Tourism Studies at Cal U RE: Are the odds ever in your favor? Find out this summer
    5/7/2014 6:18:28 AM
    To: Students

    Summer 2014 100% Online Course
    GEO 277 Casinos and Gaming Entertainment
    Casinos and gaming entertainment are a growing sector of the tourism and hospitality industries. This course examines the history and development of gaming and casino operations. Managerial, technical, and operational concepts of casinos and gaming entertainment will be reviewed. Other topics will include regulatory issues and implications for game protection. Within a global context, the socio-cultural, environmental, and economic impacts of casinos and gaming entertainment will be examined. Responsible gaming operations and management will be emphasized.
    This undergraduate course is open to all majors.
    It is designed for flexible completion to fit into your busy summer plans.
    Registration is available now via
    I hope to have you join me!
    Please email questions to:
    Dr. Susan Ryan
    Dr. Susan Ryan
    Program Coordinator
    Bachelor of Arts in Geography: Tourism Studies Concentration
    A World Tourism Organization Accredited Program