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    FROM: HEART RE: Healthy Monday Tip!
    6/5/2014 12:52:10 PM
    To: Students, Faculty, Staff

    Healthy Monday: Swimming

    ·       Swimming is a great way to get aerobic physical activity.

    ·       Swimming fast at more than 2 laps per minute will start to burn calories around the same rate of a slow run

    ·       Just 2 ½ hours of swimming per week can reduce the risk of a chronic illness.

    ·       Aerobic exercise may improve the health of those living with diabetes and heart disease.

    ·       It is important to be aware of health risks such as sunburn, drowning, and other injuries.

    To learn more about swimming benefits and ways to stay safe, visit




    Brought to you by the Health and Wellness Education Center----Carter Hall G82

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