FROM: Supplemental Instruction RE: Become an SI (Supplemental Instruction Leader)
8/14/2023 11:46:51 AM
To: Students


What is SI?

·        SI is an interactive learning experience with student leaders who have excelled in the selected courses in the past. These SI leaders will work with the professors and the students to enhance understanding and solidify concepts learned in class.

·        Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an approach to learning that supports PennWest students toward academic success by integrating "what to learn "with "how to learn".

·        SI targets challenging courses and provides support for students to help them succeed.

SI Leaders:

·       SI leaders are academically inclined students who have excelled in the selected course in the past. They work with professors to create effective and meaningful SI sessions using cutting edge engaging educational instructional techniques.



Job Description:

·        Attend the below-mentioned class and collaborate with the professor on what has to be covered that week.

·        Class attendance, prep time, and three one-hour SI sessions on campus consisting of two face-to-face and one virtual session each week.

·         SI leaders will be compensated $13 and hour for eight hours of work per week.

Application Procedure: Click HERE to apply

Training will be held the first week of the semester in Noss Hall on August 24th.

SI Leaders will begin working the week of August 28th.