FROM: Psychology RE: Psychology - Available Graduate Assistant (GA) Position
8/30/2023 12:07:11 PM
To: Students

Graduate Assistant Job Description 

  1. Check daily with Supervisor on tasks to be completed that day and inform supervisor of progress on tasks already assigned 
  2. Compile discipline specific literature reviews as defined by supervisor 
  3. Compile a list of possible grants 
  4. Collaborate with supervisor on the design and conductance of research endeavors 
  5. Prepare proposals (grants, IRB) in various formats (Word, PDF) 
  6. Assist in the collection of data and the analysis of data 
  7. Prepare documents in various formats (Word, Powerpoint, Excel) to present data and ideas 
  8. Submit or present the results of any completed projects to various outlets (conferences, journals) 
  9. Other tasks as needed by the supervisor 
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