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Student taking notes in class. Student taking notes in class.

Frequently Asked Questions

Students and their families, as well as Cal U employees, may have questions about the ongoing negotiations between the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) and APSCUF, the union that represents faculty at all 14 PASSHE universities. 

Cal U will continue to update and expand this page as the situation develops.

If your questions are not addressed here, you may contact either Pamela Murphy, interim director of Human Resources, at 724-938-4427; or Christine Kindl, director of Communications and Public Relations, at 724-938-5492.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a strike by faculty certain?

1. Does the faculty strike authorization vote mean there definitely will be a faculty union strike? 

The strike-authorization vote taken by the faculty union does not automatically mean there will be a strike. The faculty union took similar votes during each of the last three rounds of negotiations; none resulted in a strike.

2. How will people know if there’s a strike?

2. How will people know if a strike is called?

If a strike by the faculty union appears imminent, the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education will be in regular communication with students and university employees. Information also will be posted on the Cal U website,

3. Will California University close?

3. Will California University close if a faculty strike is called?

No. All PASSHE universities, including Cal U, intend to remain open if a faculty strike is called. It is the University's intention to conduct business as usual in the case of a faculty strike, and all employees except striking faculty are expected to be at work. 

By law, individual faculty members have the right to decline to participate in a strike, so individual classes could be held. There are many opportunities for independent learning, even if the case of a strike, so students should remain on campus and focus on their studies. 

Each university, including California, has a contingency plan it will implement in the event of a strike. The goal of every contingency plan is to keep the campus open, to ensure that students and employees are safe, and to keep students on schedule toward the completion of their degrees.

4. What should students do?

4. What should students do if a faculty strike is called? 

Even if the faculty union calls a strike, students will be expected to report to each and every one of their scheduled classes. Individual faculty members may choose to continue teaching. If a strike does occur, questions about classes should be directed to the Office of Academic Affairs at 724-938-4407.

5. Should work-study students report to work?

5. Should students with on-campus work-study jobs continue to report for work?

Yes. Students with on-campus work-study jobs should continue to report to work, because the University will remain open. If a student works for a faculty member who has not reported for work, the student should report to the dean’s office:

    — College of Education & Human Services            Dean Kevin Koury, Keystone 200B

    — College of Liberal Arts                                         Dean Mohammed Yamba, Duda 114

    — Eberly College of Science & Technology            Dean John Kallis, Eberly 330

    — School of Graduate Studies & Research            Dean Stan Komacek, Dixon 318

6. Will Cal U facilities be open?

6. Will California University facilities, such as the library, computer labs, dining services, University housing, Herron Recreation & Fitness Center, Wellness Center, registrar’s office and other administrative offices be open in the event of a strike? Will the California University Police Department remain on duty?

Yes. To the extent practical, the University will remain open, so all of these offices would remain open, as well. All employees represented by unions other than APSCUF are required to work in the event of a strike by faculty and/or coaches.

Information about extended hours for services and facilities that are especially important to students, as well as other special events (films, lectures, etc.) for the Cal U community, will be posted on the University website as information is received.

7. Will my internship be affected?

7. Will my internship or a practicum be affected by a strike?

Because individual faculty may choose to continue teaching during a strike, this would be determined on a case-by-case basis. 

8. Will counseling and healthcare be available?

8. Will counseling and healthcare services be available in the event of a strike?

The Wellness Center will remain open, even if a strike occurs. Some counseling professionals who are members of the faculty union may be unavailable, but students will be referred to Southwest PA Health Services if emergency/crisis care is needed.

9. Will extracurricular activities be held?

9. What about extracurricular activities that are sponsored by the University? Will they go on as scheduled?

Yes, to every extent possible. If a program or event is dependent upon a faculty member who would choose to go on strike, and this event were to be canceled, this information would be posted on the Cal U website,

10. How will information be shared?

10. How would the latest information regarding a strike be disseminated?

The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education’s website at will be updated regularly with information regarding the status of negotiations.

If a faculty strike occurs, information about our Cal U campus will be posted on the University website, Cal U students and their families also may contact the Office of Communications & Public Relations at 724-938-5492. Employees may contact the Human Resources Office at 7240938-4427.