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Posted on June 29, 2012

From: Acting President Geraldine M. Jones
To: All students, faculty, staff, alumni and University friendsPortrait of Acting Cal U President Geraldine M. Jones.

Our dedicated faculty members prepare our students well for life after the classroom.  Job preparation is not the only goal of higher education, of course. Learning has its own intrinsic value. Cal U is dedicated to giving every student a strong educational foundation and the skills needed for seeking and establishing a rewarding career.

Cal U’s Office of Career Services delivers the Career Advantage program, which helps Cal U students explore their career options and prepare to enter the workforce with a competitive edge. Our Career Services staff guides students through a four-year program that includes career exploration, job shadowing, fine-tuning resumes, and building networking and interview skills.

By preparing students for the workforce, the Career Advantage program is a value-added component of a Cal U degree. And there’s good news for job seekers: Rhonda Gifford, director of Career Services, reports a definite improvement in the job market for this year’s graduates.

Compared to the previous year, the 2011-2012 academic year saw a 30 percent increase in the number of jobs posted on the University’s online job board and a 15 percent increase in campus recruitment by employers.

The jobs outlook for new graduates is improving nationwide. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers spring outlook survey, local, state and national employers say they plan to hire about 10 percent more new graduates this year, compared to spring 2011.

In particular, graduates who have completed internships or other hands-on experiences, and who are willing to relocate, even within the region, are experiencing improved job search success, Gifford says. 

A number of recent Cal U graduates have shared good news about their successful job searches.

Samantha Burney ’12, for example, accepted a position as a talent acquisition specialist for PLS Logistics in Pittsburgh, a firm that has hired a number of Cal U alumni. She’ll be working with 10 area colleges and universities, finding well-qualified employees for the firm’s freight brokerage division.

After a successful internship last summer, Aaron McFadden ’12 is working as a tax consultant at Deloitte, one of the nation’s “big four” professional services firms. And Josh Giffin ’12 has a new job as an inside sales associate for the New York Yankees.

Many other new graduates have found wonderful positions, too. I remind those who are still exploring their job prospects that access to Career Services is a lifelong benefit for all Cal U graduates. And I urge every current Cal U student to get involved with the Career Advantage program. Give yourself a competitive advantage — and please keep in touch with Cal U as you move ahead with your career!

Please note that I expect to send my next regular message to the campus community on Friday, July 13. I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July holiday! 

Signature of Acting President Geraldine Jones.

Meet Acting President Geraldine M. Jones