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Students use a computer lab at Cal U. Students use a computer lab at Cal U.


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Posted on January 25, 2013

University Technology Services has announced the release of an online self-service password reset utility.

Students, faculty and staff who register to use the secure Footprints Password Reset utility can reset forgotten or expired passwords online anytime, using a PC, or smartphones and tablets.

Why register?

At Cal U, a single username and password gives you access to many systems and online services, including:

  • Campus computers
  • Your campus e-mail account
  • VIP (Vulcan information Portal)
  • D2L (Desire2Learn online learning system)

A forgotten, expired or misplaced password can leave you unable to access many of the systems and online services you need. 

Once you register your account with the Footprints Password Reset utility, you can reset your password without calling the Help Desk or coming to campus.

Is it secure?

Yes! You are required to answer three “security questions” when you register your account. 

Once you have registered, you must answer those questions correctly to access your account and reset your password.

How do I register?

Click here then follow the prompts. 

This process takes just a few minutes and MUST be completed before you can reset your password.

Need help?

For more information about the Footprints Password Reset utility, or for help with registering, call the UTech Services Help Desk at 724-938-5911.