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Posted on May 23, 2016

A student stands in front of a chalk board.

Students who earn an associate degree in Arabic through the Defense Department’s foreign language institute now can apply those college credits toward a four-year degree at Cal U.

Students who complete an associate degree in Modern Standard Arabic at the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center in Monterey, Calif., now can transfer 45 academic credits toward a Bachelor of Arts in Arabic Language and Culture at Cal U.

Cal U’s Arabic Language and Culture program is offered 100% online, so students can complete their studies from any location with Internet access. Courses are taught by native speakers of Arabic, and they cover cultural topics as well as reading, writing and speaking the Arabic language.

The program is offered through Cal U Global Online, the University’s 100% online learning community. Because there is no residency requirement, the Arabic Language and Culture program is a convenient and affordable option for working professionals, including Defense personnel, military members and other Defense Language Institute graduates who wish to complete a bachelor’s degree while actively pursuing a career.

Currently, 26 Defense Language Institute graduates are enrolled in Cal U Global Online, and nine others have graduated from Cal U. While many of those DLI graduates are studying Arabic, others are enrolled in a variety of Global Online undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

About the Defense Language Institute

Accredited since 2002, the Defense Language Institute provides language and cultural training to the Defense Department and other federal agencies. It teaches more than 20 languages and has awarded over 12,000 associate degrees.

This is the first time the institute has signed an agreement with an accredited university to accept the transfer of 45 academic credits for a foreign language program.

Prior to the agreement, colleges and universities “had the ability to pick and choose what they wanted to accept as transferable units (from DLIFLC),” an institute spokesman said in a news release. “Now, our graduates will be able to directly transfer their work … and get all the units they earned.”

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