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Posted on October 19, 2016



A tentative agreement has been reached between Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education and the union representing faculty at all 14 State System universities, including Cal U.

Faculty return to work officially at midnight. ALL CLASSES WILL RESUME AS SCHEDULED ON MONDAY, OCT. 24.

Read the news release from the State System of Higher Education

Update: Oct. 21, 2016

The list of courses that are being taught has been updated. Log in to Desire2Learn (D2L) to see the most recent list of courses that are in session.

Remember: Instead of visiting your class meeting sites, you may use this list to determine whether your classes are being held during the faculty strike.

Please check in regularly; this list is subject to change.

Update: Oct. 20, 2016:

For the convenience of Cal U’s resident, commuter and Global Online students, the University has begun posting a list of courses that are meeting on campus or being delivered online. 

Please log in to Desire2Learn (D2L) to see the most recent list of courses that are in session. 

This list will be updated daily during the strike by the faculty union. Students should log in to D2L at least once a day, since the list may change. 

The University is doing its best to keep this list as current and accurate as possible. Students may use this list to check in with their classes rather than visiting their class meeting sites.

Also, read the latest information from the State System, including its "myth busters" summary.

Update: Oct. 19, 2016:

Students should have access to D2L. If you cannot access the system, please email CJ Dejuliis at cj.dejuliis@calu.edu.

Coaches are not on strike and Vulcan athletics teams are competing as scheduled. For details, visit www.calvulcans.com.

ORIGINAL POST, Oct. 19, 2016:

The Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties (APSCUF), which represents faculty at all 14 state-owned universities, has announced a strike.

Read information from the State System

Cal U remains open. All students should report to their regularly scheduled classes.

Faculty members are not required to participate in the work stoppage. If a faculty member or qualified substitute is on hand, your on-campus class should proceed as usual, in its regular location. If an instructor does not arrive within 10-15 minutes of the scheduled start of class, you are free to go.

Students who are taking online classes should log in every day to see if those classes are being held.

Students will have access to D2L during the strike. if you do not have access, email CJ DeJuliis at dejuliis_cj@calu.edu.

There are many opportunities for independent learning, even if classes are not being held. Students should make every attempt to use their time wisely during the strike.

Read Frequently Asked Questions for Cal U students

Campus services continue

To the fullest extent possible, the University is continuing to provide services to our students.

  • All University housing remains open (residence halls and Vulcan Village).
  • Dining services are continuing and the Natali Student Center is open.
  • Computer labs are open. So is the library.
  • All Vulcan athletic events will continue as scheduled.
  • Homecoming activities will go on as planned.
  • The Wellness Center is open on its usual schedule.
  • The University Police Department is on the job.
  • The Career & Professional Development Center, scheduling offices, the Financial Aid Office, the Student Success Center (Noss Hall) and the Herron Recreation & Fitness Center are all open.
  • Deliveries are being made, trash is being picked up, and other services are continuing.

Picketing on campus

Members of the faculty union have the right to picket during the strike. The University is taking steps to ensure that students are safe on campus and can enter and leave the campus safely.

  • California University Police are on duty around the clock.
  • Picketers are not permitted to block access to classrooms, residence halls or other buildings.
  • Police and University officials are monitoring the picketing sites to ensure that no disruptions occur. If you are concerned about your safety or your access to campus, call California University Police at 724-938-4299.

About the negotiations

Information from Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education is being updated regularly. Check here for the latest news about the contract dispute.

Read FAQs and the latest news and information from the State System