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Posted on June 27, 2017

Portrait of Dr. Joseph Heim.

Dr. Joseph Heim, a professor in the Department of History, Politics and Society, will spend about four weeks this summer as a visiting fellow at Oxford University in the United Kingdom, the oldest university in the English-speaking world.

He will hold the title of Archbishop Laud Visiting Fellow at St. John’s College, Oxford, and Visiting Professor of Comparative Politics and Islamic History, Oxford University.

A former U.S. State Department faculty fellow, Heim is internationally recognized for his scholarly work on British policy-making, Islamic thought and government, and politics of the world economy.

At Oxford, he will study centuries-old manuscripts housed at the Oxford University Library, the British Library and the British Museum pertaining to relations between 17th-century England and the Islamic world.

In particular, his research will focus on England’s historical ties to the cities of Tangier, Morocco; Aleppo, Syria; Isfahan, Iran (Persia); and Mumbai (Bombay), India.

“These documents haven’t been digitized. They aren’t even on microfilm,” Heim says. “I’ll be making my way through boxes and boxes of original manuscripts … looking for significant patterns.”

Visiting ‘fellow’

During his stay at Oxford, Heim will be considered a “fellow,” or faculty member, in Oxford’s College of St. John the Baptist, founded in 1555. He will give several lectures, sharing his research findings with historians and scholars.

Heim is familiar with day-to-day life at a British university — he earned a Master of Philosophy, an advanced postgraduate research degree, at the University of Cambridge. Read Heim’s faculty bio

In 1994 Heim received the Queen’s Silver, Alexander Prize, for his essay “Liberalism and the Establishment of Collective Security in British Foreign Policy.” Endowed in 1897 by L.C. Alexander, secretary of the Royal Historical Society, the prestigious British prize is awarded annually for an essay or article based on original historical research.

At Cal U, Heim teaches undergraduate courses in political science.