If you’d like to improve sleep, reduce stress and improve mobility in a more holistic way, there is an app for that.

One of the latest – a RVIVE – was developed by Amped Technologies, co-founded in 2018 by Cal U alumnus Wesley Rosner, a 1999 athletic training graduate.

“People’s relationships with their phones are very powerful. The demand for using mobile software to impact an individual’s mental and physical stress is thriving,” he says.

RVIVE is “a healthcare software platform to empower individuals to lead a healthier life through the balance of mind and body.”

Customers include entertainment, industrial and healthcare companies, as well as educational institutions and sports teams. The platform also appeals to a growing number of consumers who are interested in individual wellness options.

Client administrators can build targeted programs for individuals and groups, alongside the support of online health programs and virtual wellness teams.

Rosner’s experience includes more than a decade of consulting with the Walt Disney Co. on health and wellness strategies for its global entertainment division. He also directed a team of athletic trainers, physical therapists and performance coaches in a partnership with the Chinese Olympic Committee to prepare for the 2016 and 2018 Games.

He used that wealth of hands-on athletic training experience to build a mobile software platform that makes personalized wellness interactive and engaging.

These days, people have access to wearable fitness-tracking devices, self-care equipment and dedicated apps for mind or body programming, Rosner says.

“Equipment and modalities typically seen in a clinic or training room are now available on store shelves. Consumers … are seeking a more comprehensive approach to bringing it all together.”

As the company grows, Rosner keeps in mind the lessons he learned before co-founding RVIVE.

“Self-care and awareness are paramount,” he says. “As entrepreneurs, we easily obsess over the business and intricate metrics to achieve growth, but well-being is essential in the critical foundation of any new or existing company.”