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Bound for the browns

Athletic Trainers Land NFL Internships

Two students in Cal U’s athletic training program are headed to training camp with the Cleveland Browns, and they credit faculty and alumni connections with propelling them into the National Football League.

Sean Adams and Josh Martin have accepted internships with the Browns’ athletic training staff. They start July 20 and will work through pro football team’s four-game exhibition season.

The pair have been “study and workout buddies” since their first year at Cal U and expect to complete their bachelor’s degrees in May.

“This internship is such an important beginning,” says Martin, of Hanover, Pa. “The many different experiences Cal U provided make me feel completely prepared to tackle anything that comes my way.”

Adams, of East Setauket, N.Y., interned with the Browns last season. He has been accepted into Cal U’s master’s degree program in exercise science and health promotion, where he plans to concentrate in performance enhancement and injury prevention and earn a certificate in nutrition.

He had never been to an NFL game before working on the Browns’ sideline last summer.

“I could never have had a better first experience,” Adams says. “Going from a Division II school to the NFL was really something, but learning how to treat all kinds of injuries … has really been important.”

MBA student Mohamed Bountoulougou enjoys the music at Manderino Library.


Adams and Martin are the most recent members of the Cal U family to star off the field on NFL teams.

Cleveland’s head athletic trainer, Joe Sheehan ’07, holds a Cal U master’s degree in exercise science, and assistant athletic trainer Gordon Williams ’06 interviewed Martin for the internship.

Adams and Williams both were athletic trainers for Cal U’s baseball team and longtime head coach Mike Conte.

“It’s really cool to work with a guy who has been in my shoes and to continue the pipeline through Cal U, especially now with Josh because we’ve been tight since our freshman year,” Adams says.

The soon-to-be interns appreciate the support of faculty such as former head athletic trainer Dr. Jamie Weary; her successor, Dr. Scott Zema; and Dr. Kayla Shinew, director of the athletic training program.

“Without the faculty and their contacts, I would never have been able to get to the next level,” Adams says.

“If you have good rapport with faculty, the doors are always open.”

“They have connections all over,” Martin adds. “Cal U really helps to get your name out there big-time.”

Professors don’t recommend students for top internships unless they prove themselves, says Weary, who has taught Adams and Martin in a number of courses.

“It’s been so impressive to watch them grow, develop and be the professionals they’ve turned into,” she says.

“Educators … can provide all the opportunities, give all the information, but it takes effort, will, motivation and drive from the students – and these two stand out and excel.”

— By Bruce Wald '85, Information writer at Cal U

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