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Trick Shot Specialist

Trevor Consavage '06

Standing upright, the best golfers on the PGA Tour can drive a golf ball at least 300 yards.

Trevor Consavage can match that distance from his knees.

Consavage, of Tampa, Fla., is a professional golf entertainer and owner of Macho Man Entertainment Inc. His golf entertainment shows include trick shots, instructional clinics and power demonstrations.

“I pretty much try to find the hardest ways to hit golf balls,” Consavage says. That includes hitting golf balls through random objects such as watermelons and sheets of plywood.  

He describes his act as like “the Harlem Globetrotters of golf” and has used his skills at charity outings and to entertain troops at 35 U.S. Air Force bases all over the world.

One of his more impressive tricks features a chip shot from PGA Tour player John Daly that Consavage blasts out of mid-air.

Consavage, who was a pitcher for the Vulcans, majored in sport management and took a few courses in Cal U's new professional golf management program before he graduated in 2006.

Then he took a job at the Grand Cypress Resort in Orlando, Fla. While he was joining one of his golf members for a round, the member “asked me if I had always hit the ball that far.”

He entered a long-drive tournament three weeks later and won both the local and the regional qualifiers, which landed him a spot in the Re/Max World Long Drive Championship.

That same golf member introduced Consavage to Chi-Chi Rodriguez, a Hall of Fame golfer who was known for his showmanship and skill during his playing days.

“Chi-Chi and I really hit it off, and he told me that my abilities and hand-eye coordination were better suited to golf entertainment and exhibitions.”

Consavage started small, doing only five to eight shows per year starting in 2007. He formed Macho Man Entertainment in 2011 to pursue entertainment as a full-time career.

These days, Consavage performs at up to 130 events per year.

“I’m living the dream,” he says.

— By Wendy Mackall, Communications director at Cal U

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