The Stage is Her World – Alyssa

She didn’t start in theater, but it’s where she found a home.

After she came to PennWest California, Alyssa Freeman soon found that her passions, and her considerable talents, were found in the theater. Alyssa’s path hasn’t been super easy, but she’s finding her voice, and she’s gained some impressive recognition. One of her plays was awarded Best College Show at the Fringe Festival in Pittsburgh. And while she did the writing, she couldn’t have gotten there without the help and support of the tight-knit Department of Music and Theatre. The confidence Alyssa found in the College of Liberal Arts and the Music and Theatre Department gave her the courage to keep going and keep writing. And now, the world is her stage.

"I wasn’t sure of what i could achieve, but now i’m really driven to keep writing stories. I know i can do this now."