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Student ID (CWID)

Student ID refers to a student's Campus-wide ID (CWID).  New students may find this number on their acceptance letter.

Employee ID

  • Employees who receive paper checks or stubs from the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education may  find their Employee ID at the top of their pay stub.
  • Employees who use Employee Self-Service (ESS) may find their Employee ID by accessing their online pay stub.  To find this ID, follow these steps:
    1. Log in to ESS
    2. Click the 'Employee Self-Service' tab at the top
    3. Click the 'Payroll' link
    4. Click the 'Online Pay Statement' link
    5. Choose 'Current Pay Statement'
    6. Click 'Display Results'
    7. Copy the Employee ID from the second line of the statement, identified as 'Pers. No'
  • Employees of University affiliates (SAI or Foundation for Cal U) or employees working for contracted services (PSECU credit union, Follett bookstore, AVI food services) at the University should have been issued an ID by their supervisors.   This number should be used in place of the employee ID or CWID number.  Please retain your number, which also will be used when registering for parking and purchasing an RFID permit/hang tag.