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A beautiful view of the quad on a sunny day.A beautiful view of the quad on a sunny day.

Organization List

A.C.S. office, Meal Plan info
Academic Records, Office of
Academic Success, Office of
Accounting Office
Acquisitions/Collection Development
Administration & Finance, Office of
Admissions, Office of
Corner Pocket Recreation Room
American Democracy Project
Applied Engineering and Technology, Department of
Art and Design, Department of
Articulation and Transfer Evaluation, Office of
Athletics, Department of
AVI Food Service
Bibliographic Instruction
Biological and Environmental Science, Department of
Bursar's Office
Business and Economics, Department of
Cal U Bookstore
Cal Card Office
California Times
Calling Center
Campaign for Building Character/Building Careers
Campus and Grounds
Campus Ministry
Career & Professional Development Center
Catering Director
Center for Law and Public Policy
Central Receiving/Storeroom
Chemistry and Physics, Department of
Childhood Education, Department of
Communication Disorders, Department of
Communication Studies, Department of
Commuter Center
Computing Systems
Flatz Convenience Store
Convocation Center (Maintenance)
Counseling Center
Counselor Education, Department of
Criminal Justice, Department of
Custodial Services
Director of Operations
Earth Sciences, Department of
Education and Human Services, College of
English Department
Environmental Health and Safety, Office of
Exercise Science and Sport Studies, Department of
Faculty Professional Development Center
Financial Aid Office
Herron Fitness Center
Foundation for California University of PA
Gallagher Dining Hall
Global Online
Gold Rush
Government Agency Coordination Office (GACO)
Government Documents
School of Graduate Studies & Research
School of Graduate Studies & Research - Graduate Admissions
School of Graduate Studies & Research - Dean's Office
Sponsored Programs & Research, Office of
Hamer Training Room
Health Science, Department of
Health Services, Department of
History, Politics & Society, Department of
University Honors Program
Housing and Residence Life, Office of
Human Resources, Office of
Information Center
Institutional Research & Planning
Instructional Computing Facility
Interlibrary Loan
Document Delivery
International Programming, Office of
Internship Center
Administrative Services
IT Help Desk
University Technology Services
Labor Unions
Liberal Arts, College of
Teaching with Primary Sources
Louis L. Manderino Library
Continuing Education, Office of
Marketing and University Relations, Office of
Math Lab
Math, Computer Science and Information Systems, Department of
Mechanical Maintenance
Media Lab
Media Services
Modern Languages, Philosophy & Socio-Cultural, Department of
Multi Cultural Affairs
Music, Department of
Networking Systems
Nursing, Department of
Nursing - CCAC, Department of
End Violence Center
Parking and Transportation, Department of
Partners for Fish and Wildlife
Payroll, Office of
Facilities Management
Physical Therapy Institute
President, Office of the
Prime House
Professional Golf Management (PGM)
Professional Studies, Department of
Program Director
Provost/Academic Affairs, Office of
Psychology, Department of
Psychology Clinic
Public Safety and University Police, Department of
Purchasing, Office of
Reading Clinic
Recreational Services
Reference Desk
ROTC, Department of
SAI Board of Directors
SAI Web Development
Science & Technology, Eberly College of
Secondary Ed. And Administrative Leadership, Department of
Social Equity, Office of
Social Work, Department of
Special Education, Department of
Sports Information
Stadium Training Room
Staff Lounge
Student Association, Inc.
Student Affairs, Office of
Student Activities Office
Student Government
Student Support Services
Student Teaching, Office of
Students with Disabilities (OSD), Office of
Systems Analyst
Taylor & Byrnes
Teaching and Learning Center
Technology Preparation, Office of
Sycamore Bistro
Theatre and Dance, Department of
Theatre Box Office
TRIO and Academic Services, Department of
TV Studio (Not CUTV)
University Relations
University Conference Services (Convocation Center)
University Development and Alumni Relations
University Forum
University Printing Services
University-Wide Mentoring
Upward Bound Program
Utilities & Energy Management
Veteran's Affairs
Vulcan Theatre
Vulcan Village
Webmaster, Office of the
Welcome Center and Office of Student Orientation Programs
Wellness Center
Women's Center
Women's Studies, Office of
Word Processing Center
Writing Center

A.C.S. office, Meal Plan info - Natali Student Center (Mailbox #: 81)
Phone: 724-938-4228

Academic Records, Office of - Dixon Hall 122 (Mailbox #: 93)
Registrar: Heidi Williams
Secretary: Janet L. Booker
Secretary: Lisa B. Kilmer
Data Analyst II: Sheri L. Grimm
Assistant Registrar: Mary Kay Dayner
Certification Clerk: Bridgette K. Law
Phone: 724-938-4434
Fax: 724-938-4340
E-Mail Address:

Academic Success, Office of - Noss Hall 103 (Mailbox #: 104)
Associate Provost/Associate Vice President: Daniel E. Engstrom
Director of International Programming: Elizabeth Bennellick
Director of Parent & Family Engagement: Cynthia S. Young
CLEP/DSST Programs Coordinator: Claire E. Pizer
Student Success Program Coordinator: Marie E. Seftas
National Student Exchange Coordinator: John G. Watkins
Coordinator for International Students: John G. Watkins
Clerk II: Holly Vadella
Student Success Facilitator: Crystale Fleming
Student Success Facilitator: Julie Osekowski
Student Success Facilitator: Amanda M. Rbaibi
Student Success Facilitator: Andrea Unglaub
Phone: 724-938-1523
Fax: 724-938-4186

Accounting Office - Dixon Hall 513 (Mailbox #: 11)
Comptroller: Keith P. Curran
Accountant: Jill Sabol
Accounts Payable: Miranda Upole
Fiscal Assistant: AMY LYNN PHILLIPS
Fiscal Technician: Annette Gates
Fiscal Technician: Lori L. Jansante
Fiscal Technician: Tammy R. McCracken
Financial Accountant: Christine L. Kutek
Management Technician: Heidi S. Ezzi
Management Technician: Suzanne M. Sarra
Phone: 724-938-4526
Fax: 724-938-1604

Acquisitions/Collection Development - Manderino Library (Mailbox #: 15)
Phone: 724-938-4093

Administration & Finance, Office of - Dixon Hall 401 (Mailbox #: 5)
Vice President: Robert Thorn
Associate Vice President for Finance: Fawn Petrosky
Associate Vice President for Administration: Rosanne M. Pandrok
University Architect: Douglas Philp
Management Technician: Karlene R. Petrisek
Executive Staff Assistant: Anna Stewart
Phone: 724-938-4432
Fax: 724-938-4138

Admissions, Office of - Dixon Hall 201 (Mailbox #: 94)
Assistant Director: James Bero
Assistant Director: Barry F. Bilitski
Assistant Director of Admissions: Paul J. Burns
Assistant Director of Admissions: Amanda Jo Magdic
Assistant Director of Admissions: Eric W. Tarpley
Assistant Director Transfer Admissions: Amy C. Woodward
Clerk Typist: Shauna D. Balog
Clerk Typist II: Tammy L. Clark
Clerk Typist II: Tina M. Davison
Clerk Typist II: Tracy L. Kessler
Clerk Typist II: Kimberly A. Luckasevic
Clerk Typist III: Linda M. Takash
Management Technician: Eve Hiller
Phone: 724-938-4404
Fax: 724-938-4564

AFSCME - South Hall 313 (Mailbox #: 70)
Phone: 724-938-4322

Corner Pocket Recreation Room - Natali Student Center 105 (Mailbox #: 85)
Phone: 724-938-4320

American Democracy Project - Manderino Library 440-I (Mailbox #: 6)
Phone: 724-938-5720
Fax: 724-938-5942
E-Mail Address:

Applied Engineering and Technology, Department of - Coover Hall 105 (Mailbox #: 64)
Chair: Joseph G. Schickel
Department Secretary: Kelly A. Houston
Phone: 724-938-4085
Fax: 724-938-4572

Mark E. Bronakowski
Lisa A. Castillo
Fanis Halkiadakis
Larry Horath
Andrew C. Horton
Laura J. Hummell
Rene Kruse
James R. Means
Jeffrey R. Mori
Aleksandra Prokic
Ghassan Salim
Joseph G. Schickel
Greg J. Strimel
Jeffrey Sumey
John M. Thompson
Susan E. Urbine
David Vuick
Brenton Wilburn
Brenton K. Wilburn
Jennifer Nicole Wilburn

APSCUF - Keystone Hall 125 (Mailbox #: 22)
Office Manager: Lynn D. Beckner
Phone: 724-938-4293
E-Mail Address:

Linda S. Toth

Archives - Manderino Library 412 (Mailbox #: 15)
Phone: 724-938-5767

Art and Design, Department of - Vulcan Hall 100 (Mailbox #: 33)
Phone: 724-938-4182
Fax: 724-938-4279

Maggy Aston
James Bove
Laura M. DeFazio
Greg Harrison
Scott Lloyd
Richard Miecznikowski
Sue Mohney
Spencer Norman
Cynthia Persinger
Todd Pinkham

Articulation and Transfer Evaluation, Office of - Dixon Hall 218 (Mailbox #: 37)
Assistant Director: Kaylee Gmutza
Assistant Director: Erin L. Kwiatkowski
Executive Director: Terrie L. Greene
Clerk Typist II: Lois J. Anderson
Data Analyst II: Melissa Cavanaugh
Data Analyst II: Denise R. Zimcosky
Phone: 724-938-5939
Fax: 724-938-4564

Athletics, Department of - Hamer Hall 245 (Mailbox #: 34)
Athletic Director: Karen Hjerpe
Sports Information Director: Matthew J. Kifer
Director of Academic Support: Kelly Collins
Director of Athletic Facilities & Services: Ed Whited
Assistant to the Athletic Director for Business: Jenni Morrison
Football WR Coach Special Teams Coordinator: Larry B. Wilson
Equipment Manager: Ben S. Hilborn
Head Swim Coach: Ed Denny
Academic Advisor: Anthony McGrew
Head Tennis Coach: Pablo Montana
Women's Golf Coach: MerriLynn Gibbs
Women's Golf Coach: Derrick Knopsnyder
Head Baseball Coach: Mike Conte
Head Football Coach: Gary W. Dunn
Head Softball Coach: Rick Bertagnolli
Men's Golf Head Coach: Peter Coughlin
Asst. Volleyball Coach: Barb Letourneau
Head Men's Soccer Coach: Emedin Sabic
Assistant Baseball Coach: Anthony M. Rebyanski
Assistant Football Coach: Michael W. Craig
Assistant Football Coach: Peter Davila
Assistant Football Coach: David Durish
Assistant Football Coach: Patrick I. Onesko
Assistant Football Coach: Chad Salisbury
Head Women's Soccer Coach: Glenn Francis
Assistant Basketball Coach: Marcus L. Smith
Head Men's Basketball Coach: William Brown
Assistant Track & Field Coach: Jackie M. Caulfield
Assistant Track & Field Coach: Tyler Throener
Head Women's Basketball Coach: Jessica E. Strom
Head Coach, Women's Volleyball: Peter D. Letourneau
Athletic Administrative Assistant: Carolyn Tardd
Assistant Women's Basketball Coach: Katie Tetzlaw
Asst. Strength & Conditioning Coach: Phil Vitalbo
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach: Bobby J. Sepesy
Head Cross Country/Track & Field Coach: Daniel Caulfield
Asst. Track & Field Coach (PT Temporary): Ron Sealy
Phone: 724-938-4351
Fax: 724-938-5849

AVI Food Service - Gallagher Hall (Mailbox #: 81)
Catering Director: Tracy Neiman
Resident Director: Greg McGranahan
Office Manager: Christine Weaver
District Manager: Kiran Nunna
Phone: 724-938-4555
Fax: 724-938-1566

B.A.S.I.C.S. - Carter Hall G33 (Mailbox #: 84)
Phone: 724-938-5500

Bibliographic Instruction - Manderino Library 112 (Mailbox #: 15)
Phone: 724-938-4048

Biological and Environmental Science, Department of - Frich Hall 230 (Mailbox #: 45)
Secretary: Janice Stirling
Department Chair: Robert Whyte
Laboratory Management Technician: Roberta L. Busha
Curator, John Franklin Lewis Herbarium: Robert Whyte
Phone: 724-938-4200
Fax: 724-938-1514

David G. Argent
Summer Arrigo-Nelson
Carol Bocetti
David F. Boehm
J. Scott Bush
Paula B. Caffrey
Derek Gray
Chadwick J. Hanna
Sarah L. Meiss
Janie D. Moore-McClurkin
Louise Nicholson
Brian K. Paulson
Mark C. Tebbitt
Robert Whyte
Edwin M. Zuchelkowski

Bursar's Office - Dixon Hall 118 (Mailbox #: 83)
Bursar: Pamela Beck
Fiscal Tech: Regina Musar
Fiscal Technician: Barbara Cooper
Fiscal Technician: Darlene Miller
Fiscal Technician: Shelly Talbert
Phone: 724-938-4431
Fax: 724-938-5983

Business and Economics, Department of - Watkins Hall 217 (Mailbox #: 74)
Graduate School Coordinator : Arshad Chawdhry
Secretary: Shirley Elnikar
Secretary: Renee K.. Logue
Department Chair: Paul L. Hettler
Phone: 724-938-4371
Fax: 724-938-5908

Sean C. Adams
Stephanie Adams
Shirley Carroll-Long
Adnan A. Chawdhry
Arshad Chawdhry
Mark A. Ciccarelli
Ismail Cole
Matthew P. Goodburn
Paul L. Hettler
David T. Jones
Donna Marie. Kjellander
Richard J. LaRosa
Shirley Lazorchak
Nan Li
Edmund L. Matecki
John E. Michaels
Karen L. Paullet
Paul Redden
Clyde Roberts
Joseph Schwerha
Louise Serafin
Thomas P. Soos
William T. Tita

Cal U Bookstore - Natali Student Center 125 (Mailbox #: 51)
Merchandise Coordinator: Pam Pazzabon
Manager: Greg Karafa
Textbook Manager: Vickie Guido
Phone: 724-938-4324
Fax: 724-938-5795

Cal Card Office - Natali Student Center (Mailbox #: 85)
PSECU eCenter Manager: Carrie R. Kromer
Phone: 724-938-4300

California Times - Natali Student Center 155 (Mailbox #: 85)
Director of Publications: Jeff Helsel
Phone: 724-938-4321

Calling Center - 425 Sixth Ave. Pittsburgh
Director of Calling Center: Brad Steadman
Phone: 724-938-1555

Campaign for Building Character/Building Careers - Old Main (Mailbox #: 112)

Campus and Grounds - Grounds Building (Mailbox #: 26)
Equipment Operator B: Jeffrey L. Pritchard
Semi-Skilled Laborer: Theresa M. Burkett
Semi-Skilled Laborer: Bryan L. Cain
Semi-Skilled Laborer: Jeffrey M. Lowden
Semi-Skilled Laborer: Anthony Roberts
Phone: 724-938-4520

Campus Ministry - Natali Student Center 143 (Mailbox #: 61)
Campus Minister: Pete J. Ware
Phone: 724-938-4573

Career & Professional Development Center - Natali Student Center 138 (Mailbox #: 92)
Director: Rhonda Gifford
Associate Director, Experiential Learning & Professional Development: Meaghan Clister
Career Counselor/Employer Relations Coordinator: Kristine Doppelheuer
Alumni Career Counselor: Bridgett Nobili
Administrative Assistant: Michelle R. Cheatham
Career Advisor, College of Liberal Arts: Emma Jackson Harris
Phone: 724-938-4413
Fax: 724-938-5770

Carpenters - Pollock Maintenance (Mailbox #: 26)
Carpenter: Clarence Camp
Carpenter: Albert Edward, Jr. Gauden
Carpenter: Gregory A. Phillippi
Carpenter (Temporary): Brian S. Phillips
Phone: 724-938-4533

Cataloging - Manderino Library 135 (Mailbox #: 15)
Phone: 724-938-5762

Catering Director - Gallagher Hall (Mailbox #: 81)
Phone: 724-938-1602

Center for Law and Public Policy - Eberly Hall 206 (Mailbox #: 103)
Phone: 724-938-4763
Fax: 724-938-4712

Central Receiving/Storeroom - Pollock Maintenance (Mailbox #: 42)
Supervisor: Brian Reinhardt
Clerk: Mark McCracken
Phone: 724-938-4226

Chemistry and Physics, Department of - New Science Hall 104 (Mailbox #: 56)
Chairperson: Matthew Price
Secretary: DeAnne Pavelko
Laboratory Technician: Mark Donoho
Phone: 724-938-4147
Fax: 724-938-5874

Randy Bookshar
Holly Currie
William Dieterle
Gregg Gould
Lori Gould
Min Li
Matthew Price
Ali Sezer
Kimberly Woznack
Kausar Yasmin

Childhood Education, Department of - Keystone Hall 302 (Mailbox #: 25)
Director of Center for Excellence In Elementary Science & Math Education: J. William Hug
Secretary: Pearl Mitchell
Phone: 724-938-4135
Fax: 724-938-5873

Patricia A. Bellora
Brandon T. Berkshire
Dr. Peter C. Cormas
Holly Diehl
Alison R. Evans
Diane Fine
J. William Hug
Shawn A. Kohlhepp
Rebecca Maddas
Janet Mellinger
Diane H. Nettles
Christine A. Peterson
John G. Radzilowicz
Ashley R. Roth
David H. Schreiber
Michelle M. Srednicki
Michelle E. Torregano
Clover S. Wright

Circulation/Reserve - Manderino Library 113 (Mailbox #: 15)
Library Assistant II: Mary Paula Birkinsha
Phone: 724-938-4091
Fax: 724-938-5901

Communication Disorders, Department of - Morgan Hall 290 (Mailbox #: 72)
Chairperson: Barbara Bonfanti
Secretary: Gloria McKean
Phone: 724-938-4175
Fax: 724-938-1526

Ralph Belsterling
Barbara Bonfanti
Nancy Carlino
Samantha Dalessio
Patricia J. Falk
Denise Joseph
Robert Skwarecki

Communication Studies, Department of - Morgan Hall 204A (Mailbox #: 73)
Chairperson: Gregory Spicer
Director of Communication Studies Media Lab & TV Studio: James O. Carter
Clerk Typist III: Jane D. Croftcheck
Phone: 724-938-4170
Fax: 724-938-1619

James O. Carter
Rick A. Cumings
Melissa L. Deal
Sylvia L. Foil
Susan Jasko
MacDonald N. Kale
Rhiannon B. Kallis
J. Drew McGukin
Patricia A. Milford
Bonnie L. Sanford
Gregory Spicer
George Yochum

Commuter Center - Natali Student Center 271 (Mailbox #: 85)
Phone: 724-938-4021

Computing Systems - Manderino Library (Mailbox #: 1)
Phone: 724-938-4030
Fax: 724-938-4375

Flatz Convenience Store - Natali Student Center 116 (Mailbox #: 85)
Phone: 724-938-4343

Convocation Center (Maintenance) -
Building Manager: Walter A. Balla
Laborer: John M. Kotora

Counseling Center - Carter Hall G-53 (Mailbox #: 84)
Licensed Professional Counselor: John D. Massella
Phone: 724-938-4056
Fax: 724-938-1569

Dawn M. Moeller
Mary Ann Salotti

Counselor Education, Department of - Keystone Hall (Mailbox #: 13)
Chairperson: Jacqueline Walsh
Secretary: Georgette Edwards
Phone: 724-938-4123
Fax: 724-938-4314

Demond Bledsoe
Grafton Eliason
Michael P. Ghilani
Elizabeth Gruber
Kevin B. Kumpf
Bethany Novotny
John Patrick
William Rullo
Frank J. Salotti
Jeff L. Samide
Jacqueline Walsh

Criminal Justice, Department of - Azorsky Hall 117 (Mailbox #: 30)
Department Chairperson: Michael L. Hummel
Director of Justice Studies: Raymond Hsieh
Coordinator of M.A. in Applied Criminology Program: John R. Cencich
Coordinator of CRJ Global Online Homeland and International Security Concentration: Michael L. Hummel
Secretary: Elaine M. Johnson
Phone: 724-938-4424
Fax: 724-938-4265

Aref M. Alkhattar
John R. Cencich
John DiSalle
Michael L. Hummel
Gary W. Jones
Michael Machen
Richard Mullen
Hanns Mumm
Kenneth Noble
Charles B.. Noel
Patrick Picciarelli
Mathilda Spencer
Ashley Thompson
Julie A. Warnick
Christopher Wydra

Custodial Services - Dixon Hall L-35 (Mailbox #: 26)
Custodian I: Michael W. Adamson
Custodian I: Robin M. Fartini
Custodian I: William E. Flick
Custodian I: Sharon A. Hamer
Custodian I: Tamira Jankowski
Custodian I: Jami L. Jodon
Custodian I: Charles A. Kuhn
Custodian I: Chong Lawson
Custodian I: Susan Livingstone
Custodian I: Kathleen J. Lutes
Custodian I: Yvonne Massey
Custodian I: Jeffrey Pritchard, Jr.
Custodian I: Betty M. Quail
Custodian I: Karla Wade
Custodian II: Rosemary A. Darney
Custodian II: Carl M. Kolick
Custodian II: Nancy Loughman
Custodian II: Pamela K. Panepinto
Custodian II: Michael J. Zekir
Custodian I (Temporary): Vance C. Caeti
Custodian I (Temporary): Ashley Cook
Custodian I (Temporary): Ashley M. Evans
Custodian I (Temporary): Joshua D. Green
Custodian I (Temporary): Teresa M. Hosler
Phone: 724-938-4050

CUTV - Natali Student Center (Mailbox #: 85)
Director of CUTV Operations: Gary Smith
Phone: 724-938-4306

Director of Operations - Natali Student Center 006 (Mailbox #: 85)
Phone: 724-938-4513

Director-SAI - Natali Student Center 230 (Mailbox #: 85)
Phone: 724-938-4439

Earth Sciences, Department of - Eberly Hall 160 (Mailbox #: 55)
Chairperson: Thomas Wickham
Director of Cal U Tourism Research Center: Susan D. Ryan
Clerk Typist II: Marie Spak
International Studies Committee: Susan D. Ryan
Phone: 724-938-4180
Fax: 724-938-5780

Billie Jo Arnold
John Confer
Kyle C. Fredrick
Swarndeep Gill
Daniel Harris
Chad M. Kauffman
Mario Majcen
Thomas Mueller
Candice J.. Riley
Susan D. Ryan
Thomas Wickham

Education and Human Services, College of - Keystone Hall 200 (Mailbox #: 3)
Dean: Kevin A. Koury
Director: Deborah Grubb
Management Technician: Robert Farquhar
Administrative Assistant: Cynthia J. Pascarell
Administrative Assistant I: Bobbie Jo Cetera
Phone: 724-938-4125
Fax: 724-938-1605

Electricians - Pollock Maintenance (Mailbox #: 26)
Electrical Foreman: Ronald A. Lincoski
Electrician: Mark A. Springer
Medium Voltage Electrician: George C. Josay
Medium Voltage Electrician: Richard D. Lacey
Medium Voltage Electrician: Robert L. Wadsworth
Phone: 724-938-4529

English Department - Azorsky Hall 236 (Mailbox #: 36)
Chairperson: Anthony Carlisle
Director of Writing Center: Kurt Kearcher
Secretary: Carrie L.. DeFigio
Phone: 724-938-4070
Fax: 724-938-1515

Marina P. Agrafiotis
M. G. Aune
Anthony Carlisle
Todd Carlisle
Sarah J. Downey
Christina Fisanick
Brent House
Kurt Kearcher
Timothy L. Landy
Jeffrey B. McClelland
Karen L. McCullough
James T. McVey
Keat Murray
Krystia Nora
Pratul Pathak
Savita Pathak
Jody Spedaliere
Tina S. Szalay
Kimberly Vanderlaan
Carole Waterhouse

Environmental Health and Safety, Office of - Dixon Hall 503 (Mailbox #: 39)
Director: Sharon L. Elkettani
Fire Safety Specialist: Benjamin M. Wise
Phone: 724-938-4411

Exercise Science and Sport Studies, Department of - Keystone Hall 232 (Mailbox #: 114)
Chairperson: Jeffrey R. Hatton
Coordinator-Wellness & Fitness Programs: Jeffrey R. Hatton
Program Coordinator Exercise Science and Health Promotion: Barry E. McGlumphy
Department Secretary: Bonnie Kunka
Phone: 724-938-4356
Fax: 724-938-4324

David Ambler-Wright
Wendy Batts
Carol M. Biddington
William B. Biddington
William B. Biddington
Bryan Burnstein
Charles Crowley
Julie R. Emrhein
Marc Federico
Cheryl M. Ferris
Lindsay M. Hammond
Melissa Hatton
Rebecca Hess
Mary E. Kreis
Christina Lombardo
Barry E. McGlumphy
Linda Meyer
Martin Miller
Brian Oddi
Ben Reuter
Joni Roh-Cramer
Christine Romani-Ruby
Brian Sutton
Robert Taylor
Ron W. Wagner
Ellen West
Brian D. Wood
Roy Yarbrough

Faculty Professional Development Center - Azorsky Hall 134 (Mailbox #: 29)
Program Assistant: Patricia McClain
Phone: 724-938-4505
Fax: 724-938-4370

Financial Aid Office - Dixon Hall 105 (Mailbox #: 82)
Assistant Director: Traci Necciai
Assistant Director: Mandy Schnorr
Director of Financial Aid: Jill Fernandes
Senior Associate Director: Jeffrey DeRubbo
Assistant Director of Financial Aid: Melissa McKean
Assistant Director of Financial Aid: Jennifer A. Verscharen
Assistant Director, On-Call Counselor: Scott Bowman
Management Technician: Carol Horning
Phone: 724-938-4415
Fax: 724-938-4551

Herron Fitness Center - Herron Hall (Mailbox #: 2)
Director: Charles R. Bohn
Phone: 724-938-5907

Foundation for California University of PA - Kara Alumni House (Mailbox #: 59)
Executive Director: Denise L. Smith
Staff Accountant: Halie Magyar
Senior Accountant: Shayna Dibling
Phone: 724-938-4329
Fax: 724-938-4480

Fraternities/Sororities - Natali Student Center 337 (Mailbox #: 85)
Phone: 724-938-4303

Gallagher Dining Hall - Gallagher Hall (Mailbox #: 81)
Phone: 724-938-4041

Gallery - Manderino Library 340 (Mailbox #: 15)
Phone: 724-938-4345

Garage - Pollock Maintenance (Mailbox #: 26)
Phone: 724-938-4522

Global Online - Eberly Hall 225 (Mailbox #: 105)
Asst. Director - Reports & Reg, Global Online: Peggy McGarry
Asst. Director - Marketing & Recruit., Global Online: Ryan Barnhart
Executive Director of Graduate Admissions and Global Online: Stephanie Franks-Helwich
Clerk Typist 2: Janet Houston
Asst. Dir., Recruitment & Registration: Kristy D. DeBord
Asst. Dir., Recruitment & Registration: Lindsay Pecosh
Asst. Dir., Recruitment & Registration: LaQueda Taulton
Phone: 724-938-5958
Fax: 724-938-4270

Gold Rush - Natali Student Center
Phone: 724-938-5461

Government Agency Coordination Office (GACO) - South Hall 107 (Mailbox #: 20)
Director: Deborah Wojcik
Manager-Pittsburgh: Kathleen L. Glodek
Clerk Typist III: Tracy L. Julian
Phone: 724-938-5881
Fax: 724-938-4575

Government Documents - Manderino Library 213 (Mailbox #: 15)
Phone: 724-938-4451

School of Graduate Studies & Research - Eberly Hall 202 (Mailbox #: 91)
Phone: 724-938-4187
Fax: 724-938-5712

School of Graduate Studies & Research - Graduate Admissions - Eberly Hall 202 (Mailbox #: 91)
Asst. Director of Graduate Admissions: Nikki Popielarcheck
Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions & Recruitment: Devon Markish
Clerk Typist II: Lynne Berdar
Clerk Typist II: Jessica Spence Morris
Phone: 724-938-4187
Fax: 724-938-5712

School of Graduate Studies & Research - Dean's Office - Dixon Hall 315 (Mailbox #: 91)
Dean: Stanley A. Komacek
Administrative Assistant: June R. Bell
Administrative Assistant: Wendi Jacobs
Phone: 724-938-4187
Fax: 724-938-4648

Sponsored Programs & Research, Office of - Dixon Hall 425 (Mailbox #: 17)
Phone: 724-938-1662
Fax: 724-938-1620

Hamer Training Room - Hamer Hall (Mailbox #: 14)
Phone: 724-938-4562

Health Science, Department of - Hamer Hall 103 (Mailbox #: 14)
Program Director, PTA Program: Jodi DeBlassio Dusi
Director, Graduate Athletic Training Program: Shelly Fetchen DiCesaro
Undergraduate Athletic Training Clinical Education Coordinator: Shelly Fetchen DiCesaro
Clinical Education Coordinator, Undergraduate Athletic Training Program: Thomas F. West
Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education, Physical Therapist Assistant Program: Scott R. Hargraves
PTA Lab Supervisor: Aimee B. Bosley
Chair: Scott R. Hargraves
Chair: Chris T. Harman
Secretary: Carolyn A. Robinson
Head Athletic Trainer: Jamie M. Weary
Phone: 724-938-4562
Fax: 724-938-4342

Aimee B. Bosley
Shelly Fetchen DiCesaro
Jodi DeBlassio Dusi
Mindi A. Fisher
Tami E. Ford
Jeffrey T. Giovannucci
Scott R. Hargraves
Chris T. Harman
Mary A. Hart
Karen Hjerpe
Eric L. Lippincott
Ayanna N. Lyles
Michael P. Meyer
William D. Meyers
Barbara L. O'Savage
Larry Pollock
Mary E. Popovich
Jamie M. Weary
Thomas F. West

Health Services, Department of - Carter Hall G-53 (Mailbox #: 32)
University Registered Nurse: Amy L. Kalchthaler-Goodwin
University Registered Nurse: Tiffanie Taylor
Sub University Registered Nurse (Temporary): Amy L. McKita
Phone: 724-938-4232
Fax: 724-938-4509

History, Politics & Society, Department of - Manderino Library 4th fl (Mailbox #: 6)
Director of Liberal Studies: Emily M. Sweitzer
Director of Women's Studies: Marta S. McClintock-Comeaux
Director of International Studies: Sean C. Madden
Director, American Democracy Project: Melanie J. Blumberg
Director, Frederick Douglass Scholar Institute: Kelton Edmonds
Pre-law Coordinator: Craig Smith
Program Coordinator, M.A. Conflict Resolution - Global Online: Elizabeth A. Larsen
Clerk Typist III: Cindy Speer
International Studies Committee: Summer Arrigo-Nelson
International Studies Committee: Arshad Chawdhry
International Studies Committee: Arcides Gonzalez
Phone: 724-938-4054
Fax: 724-938-5942

Melanie J. Blumberg
Clarissa W. Confer
Paul Crawford
Kelton Edmonds
Joseph C. Heim
Cassandra L. Kuba
Elizabeth A. Larsen
Sean C. Madden
Marta S. McClintock-Comeaux
John P. Nass
Ambrus C. Price
Michael Slaven
Craig Smith
Emily M. Sweitzer
Laura Ann Tuennerman
Alfonso Vergaray

University Honors Program - Building A 32/34 (Mailbox #: 100)
Director - Honors Program: M. G. Aune
Associate Director of University Honors Program: Craig Fox
Secretary: Kimberly L. Orslene
Phone: 724-938-4535
Fax: 724-938-5710

Housing and Residence Life, Office of - Building B 117 (Mailbox #: 116)
Residence Hall Director: Brittany M. Halinka
Director of University Housing : Jackie Thorn
Residence Hall Director, Johnson Hall: Leslie K. Loase
Resident Hall Director, Smith Hall and Hall B: Daniel P. Pretz
Director, Residential Facilities & Summer Camp Programs: Richard F. Dulaney
Phone: 724-938-4444
Fax: 724-938-1671

Human Resources, Office of - Dixon Hall 408 (Mailbox #: 21)
Director of Human Resources: Eric J. Guiser
Department Secretary, SPF/FMLA Coordinator: Debra R. Tidholm
Background Checks and Clearances Coordinator: Marissa K. Fouser
Benefits Manager: Diana Balla
Phone: 724-938-4427
Fax: 724-938-5740

Information Center - Natali Student Center 004 (Mailbox #: 85)
Phone: 724-938-4300

Institutional Research & Planning - Old Main 210 (Mailbox #: 23)
Director: Wei Zhou
Assistant Director: Donna Wright
Research Analyst: Clarence Wheeler, Jr.
Phone: 724-938-4074

Instructional Computing Facility - Noss Hall 203, 221, 222 (Mailbox #: 1)
Phone: 724-938-4335

Interlibrary Loan - Manderino Library 217 (Mailbox #: 15)
Phone: 724-938-4049

Document Delivery - Manderino Library (Mailbox #: 15)
Library Technician: Diane J. Greenlief
Phone: 724-938-4049

International Programming, Office of - Noss Hall 108
Phone: 724-938-5125

Internship Center - Eberly Hall 230 (Mailbox #: 57)
Administrative Assistant: Michelle R. Cheatham
Phone: 724-938-1578
Fax: 724-938-5770

Administrative Services - Dixon Hall L-25 (Mailbox #: 50)
Director: Thomas G. Taylor
Automotive Mechanic Supervisor: Jody Trozzo
Secretary: Rebecca A. Stotka
Phone: 724-938-4477
Fax: 724-938-5966

IT Help Desk - Manderino Library (Mailbox #: 1)
Phone: 724-938-5911
Fax: 724-938-4375

University Technology Services - Manderino Library (Mailbox #: 1)
Associate Vice President for University Technology: Brian Kraus
Director of Systems & Operations: Kerry A. Clipper
Director of Enterprise Applications: Lisa Mattish
Administrative Web Coordinator: William Staffen
Client Services Manager: George M. Albert
Manager of Enterprise Infrastructure: Dennis Carson
Clerk Typist II: Melissa M. Wazny
Help Desk Specialist: Dawn A. Johnson
System Administrator: Marc R. Stathers
Application Developer: Caleb H. Tom
Senior Systems Analyst: Jill M. Patterson
Application Developer 2: Terry Klorczyk
Applications Developer 1: Jeffrey J. Patsko
Applications Developer 1: Amanda G. Sible
Applications Developer 2: Christopher Nicholls
Applications Developer I: Andrew Galla
Applications Developer I: Adam J. Stairs
Network Systems Engineer: Adam J. McKita
Applications Developer II: Steve A. Zidek
Sr Windows System Engineer: Eric M. Sabo
Information Technology Technician: Jesse A. Bailey
Information Technology Technician: Tiffany Lee
Information Technology Technician: Ronald A. Lincoski
Information Technology Technician: Michael P. Mullin
Information Technology Technician: David M. Rylander
Information Technology Generalist II: Dan Brierley
Information Technology Generalist II: John Moore
Phone: 724-938-4030
Fax: 724-938-4375

Labor Unions -

Liberal Arts, College of - Duda Hall 111 (Mailbox #: 52)
Dean: Mohamed Yamba
Administrative Assistant: Patti Ann Lang
Administrative Assistant: Melissa A. Sheridan
Phone: 724-938-4240
Fax: 724-938-5871

Teaching with Primary Sources - Keystone Hall (Mailbox #: 101)
Director: Michael J. Brna
Phone: 724-938-6025
Fax: 724-938-6024

Louis L. Manderino Library - Manderino Library (Mailbox #: 15)
Dean of Library Services: Douglas A. Hoover
Department Chairperson: Loring A. Prest
Acquisitions Supervisor: Cora J. Russell
Library Technician: Vivian J. Dawson
Library Assistant I: Emily A. Ford
Library Assistant II: John A. Wounick
Administrative Assistant: Barb Engle
Electronic Resources Librarian: Loring A. Prest
Research and Instruction Librarian: Monica Ruane Rogers
Adjunct Research & Instruction Librarian: Terra Rogerson
Archives & Special Collections Technician: Daniel T. Zyglowicz
Library Information Systems Administrator: Carol Otto
Research and Electronic Collections Librarian: William Meloy
Distance Learning/Government Documents Librarian: William T. Denny
Instructional Technology/Information Literacy Librarian: Ryan L. Sittler
Resource Acquisition, Metadata, and Special Collections Librarian: Julia F. McGinnis
Phone: 724-938-4096
Fax: 724-938-5901

Julia F. McGinnis
William Meloy
Loring A. Prest
Ryan L. Sittler

Continuing Education, Office of - Dixon Hall 2nd Floor (Mailbox #: 94)
Director of Continuing Education: Barbara R. Crofcheck
Phone: 724-938-5840
Fax: 724-938-4564

Locksmith - Pollock Maintenance (Mailbox #: 26)
Phone: 724-938-4521

Mailroom - Dixon Hall 132 (Mailbox #: MR)
Clerk I: Colleen Hudachek
Clerk III: Connie Morris
Phone: 724-938-4445

Marketing and University Relations, Office of - South Hall 306 (Mailbox #: 31)
Associate Vice President for Communications and Public Relations: Christine Kindl
Assistant Director: Wendy Mackall
Director of Creative Services: Greg Sofranko
Assistant Director for Digital Communications: Jeff Bender
Website/CMS Coordinator: John Miller
Information Writer: Bruce Wald
Secretary of Marketing & Public Relations: Doris Wadsworth
Phone: 724-938-4195
Fax: 724-938-5932

Math Lab - Noss Hall 115
Director: Kaddour Boukaabar
Phone: 724-938-5893

Math, Computer Science and Information Systems, Department of - Eberly Hall 242 (Mailbox #: 54)
Chairperson: Mohamed Benbourenane
Director, Leadership Studies: Gary DeLorenzo
Clerk Typist III: Heidi A. Dolobach
Phone: 724-938-4078
Fax: 724-938-5972

Aref Amen. Al-Kamel
Jeanne M. Baugh
Mohamed Benbourenane
Gina Boff
Kaddour Boukaabar
Robert R. Calabrisi
Weifeng Chen
William H. Conn
Gary DeLorenzo
Barbara L. Hess
Brian J. Kolowitz
Lisa L. Kovalchick
Lynne H. Langley
Attou Miloua
George D. Novak
Anthony S. Pyzdrowski
Douglas Craig. Raffle
Paul Sible
Melissa M. Sovak

Mechanical Maintenance - Gallagher Hall (Mailbox #: 26)
Building Maintenance Foreman: Blair Jankowski
Mechanical Maintenance: John C. Carl
Refrigeration Mechanic: Ward T. Kelley
Maintenance Repairman II: Gary Coldren
Maintenance Repairman II: Patrick DeRienzo
Maintenance Repairman II: Darlene Kelly
Maintenance Repairman II: Andrew Marietta
Maintenance Repairman II: Brian McNett
Maintenance Repairman II: Walter J. Messina
Maintenance Repairman II: Kevin Orslene
Phone: 724-938-4530

Media Lab - Morgan Hall 256 (Mailbox #: 73)
Phone: 724-938-4219

Media Services - Manderino Library 125 (Mailbox #: 15)
Phone: 724-938-4098

Modern Languages, Philosophy & Socio-Cultural, Department of - Manderino Library 201 (Mailbox #: 71)
Secretary: Darla R. Holley-Holmes
Secretary: Darla R. Holley-Holmes
International Studies Committee: Mary Randall
Phone: 724-938-4250

Andrea Cencich
Craig Fox
Arcides Gonzalez
Joel K. Press
Mary Randall
Nancy Shaffer
Razak W. Surrey

Multi Cultural Affairs - Carter Hall G-53 (Mailbox #: 49)
Director of University LGBTQA Initiatives: Sheleta J. Webb
Coordinator, Lambda Bridges LGBTQA Programs: Sheleta J. Webb
Phone: 724-938-4056

Music, Department of - Gallagher Hall 100 (Mailbox #: 53)
Director of University Choirs: Yugo Ikach
Interim Director of University Bands: Frank Stetar
Chair: Yugo Ikach
Clerk Typist II: Rose Markovich
Phone: 724-938-4878
Fax: 724-938-4256

Gregory J. Davis
Brian J. Stahurski
Randy Tillmutt

Networking Systems - Manderino Library (Mailbox #: 1)
Network Systems Engineer: Joseph Sacane
Phone: 724-938-4030
Fax: 724-938-4375

Nursing, Department of - Morgan Hall 333 (Mailbox #: 60)
Chairperson: Linda Pina
Global Online MSN Program Coordinator : Mary A. O'Connor
Global Online RN-BSN Program Coordinator: Suzanne M. Palko
Secretary: Judy Byers
Phone: 724-938-5739
Fax: 724-938-1612

Mary E. Bilitski
Tracy A. Bowman
Mary Frances. Clarke
Joan Clites
Patricia J. Davies
Nicole M. Evanick
Paula E. Glass
Kelly J. Heatherington
Orlando O. Malate
Mary A. O'Connor
Suzanne M. Palko
Linda Pina
Jacqueline L. Raffaele
Carol Stockman
Linda R. Stumpf
Anna N. Vioral
Robin Weaver

Nursing - CCAC, Department of - Morgan Hall 332 (Mailbox #: 60)
Assoc. Dean of Nursing - CCAC & Academic Advisor: Maureen Pavlik
Secretary: Lynn Pollock
Department Head/Advisor: JayneAnn Karcesky
Phone: 724-938-1622
Fax: 724-938-1654

Kerrie Coleman
MaryLynn Gaydos
Tracy Markovich
Jodi Vecchio

End Violence Center - Carter Hall G-94 (Mailbox #: 80)
Clerk Typist II: Donna Hoak
Phone: 724-938-5707

Painters - Maintenance Annex A (Mailbox #: 26)
Painter Foreman: William P. Yagnich
Painter: Michael A. Kopas
Painter: Kurt Sungala
Phone: 724-938-4557

Parking and Transportation, Department of - Manderino Library 123 (Mailbox #: 46)
Director: Chris Johnston
Management Technician: Mary Kirk
Parking Enforcement Officer: Levie Kirkland
Phone: 724-938-4677
Fax: 724-938-4138

Partners for Fish and Wildlife - South Hall (Mailbox #: 31)
Office Manager, Partners for Fish and Wildlife: Amy L. Taracido
Farmland Habitat Program Supervisor: Jose J. Taracido
Fax: 724-938-4326

Payroll, Office of - Dixon Hall 415 (Mailbox #: 10)
Payroll Director: James Ahearn
Fiscal Technician: Patricia A. Luce-Show
Phone: 724-938-4426
Fax: 724-938-4349

Facilities Management - Dixon Hall L-02 (Mailbox #: 26)
Director of Physical Plant: Michael Peplinski
Assistant Director of Building Trades: Mike Kanalis
Assistant Director of Planning and Construction: Jeffrey Amos
Building Maintenance Foreman: Edward L. Hagyari Jr.
Locksmith: Robert L. Richard
Custodian 1: Lindsay M.. Elstner
Work Order Clerk: Jeanne Singer
Custodial Worker 1: Jamie L. Enfield
Custodial Worker I: Brian L. Beatty
Custodial Worker I: Tracy D. Glover
Carpenter (Temporary): David R.. Cherry
Utility Plant Operator: Dean E. Johnson
Custodian I (Temporary): Beth A.. Wellington
Custodial Worker 1 (Temporary): Brian Crawley
Custodial Worker 1 (Temporary): Mark Pelehac
Custodial Worker 1 (Temporary): Renee Race
Semi-Skilled Laborer (Temporary): Randy Byers
Semi-Skilled Laborer (Temporary): Bernard Popiesh
Phone: 724-938-4409
Fax: 724-938-1598

Physical Therapy Institute - Hamer Hall 103 (Mailbox #: 14)
Phone: 724-938-5806
Fax: 724-938-4342

Plumbers - Gallagher Hall (Mailbox #: 26)
Phone: 724-938-4530

President, Office of the - Old Main 110 (Mailbox #: 95)
President: Geraldine M. Jones
Executive Associate to the President: Dee Stalvey
Administrative Assistant: Joy E. Folmar
Phone: 724-938-4400
Fax: 724-938-4373

Prime House - Natali Student Center
Phone: 724-938-4627

Professional Golf Management (PGM) - Gallagher Hall 215 (Mailbox #: 114)
Internship Coordinator: Vanessa MacKinnon
Secretary - PGM: Lanie L. Bilitski
Phone: 724-938-6048
Fax: 724-938-6050

Justin D. Barroner
Vanessa MacKinnon

Professional Studies, Department of - Eberly Hall 2nd Floor (Mailbox #: 103)
Administrative Assistant: Irene M. Chaliotis
Phone: 724-938-4710
Fax: 724-938-4712

Deborah A. Allen
Larry R. Bassi
Cara C. Davis
Kevin H. Govern
Miranda Lynn. Hoit
Jeffrey S. Magers
William F. Morgan
Bryan Martin. Scyphers
David C. Smith
Christina A. Toras
January J. Yurchak

Program Director - Natali Student Center 343 (Mailbox #: 85)
Phone: 724-938-4303

Provost/Academic Affairs, Office of - Dixon Hall 301 (Mailbox #: 4)
Associate Provost of Innovation / Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs: Dr. Stephen H. Whitehead
Acting Provost: Bruce D. Barnhart
Associate Provost: Stanley A. Komacek
Executive Staff Assistant to the Provost: Daphne Livingstone
Director of Regulatory Compliance: Pamela Murphy
Associate Registrar/Director of Summer College/Winter Session: Kathy J. Gavazzi
Academic Events Coordinator: Jodie K. Rooney
Staff Assistant : Denise R. King
Phone: 724-938-4407
Fax: 724-938-5832

Psychology, Department of - Morgan Hall 319 (Mailbox #: 65)
Chairperson: Holiday E. Adair
Secretary: Sheri B. Anderson
Phone: 724-938-4100
Fax: 724-938-4406

Holiday E. Adair
Angela J. Bloomquist
Rueben N. Brock
Justin Hackett
Elizabeth Mason
Rebecca Regeth
Carrie Rosengart
Beverly Ross
Dana Schneider
George D. Sivak
Linda S. Toth

Psychology Clinic - Morgan Hall 311
Phone: 724-938-4403

Public Safety and University Police, Department of - Pollock Maintenance (Mailbox #: 40)
Chief: Ed McSheffery
Officer: Jaimie Quintero
Officer: Terry Robatin
Lieutenant: Steven Orbin
Lieutenant: Colin Rockwell
Lieutenant: Robert R. Williams
Patrol Officer: Joseph T. Murray
Police Officer: Bryan Bobnar
Police Officer: Donald Gettig
Police Officer: Kevin Grippo
Police Officer: M.L. (Slim) McGrew
Police Officer: Stephen Olesky
Police Officer: Daniel Sturm
Sgt. Detective: Michael L. Hampe
Assistant Chief: Michael Miles
Police Officer 1: Ryan Kempert
S.O.1./Dispatcher: Scott Hackinson
S.O.I./Dispatcher: Ferne L. Markatan
Sgt. / K-9 Officer: Robert Kwiatkowski
Security Officer One: Robert L. Yeager
Administrative Assistant: Becky Kozemchak
Phone: 724-938-4299
Fax: 724-938-5704

Purchasing, Office of - Dixon Hall L-09 (Mailbox #: 41)
Director of Purchasing: Joyce L. Sheppick
Purchasing Agent I: Ruth Browne
Purchasing Agent II: Melissa D. Walker
Expeditor and Returns: Pamela Higinbotham
Management Technician: Catherine F. Tonkavitch
Phone: 724-938-4430
Fax: 724-938-4512

Reading Clinic - Noss Hall 107 (Mailbox #: 44)
Reading Clinic Director: Patricia A. Johnson
Phone: 724-938-4364

Recreational Services - Herron Hall (Mailbox #: 2)
Director: Charles R. Bohn
Director of Sports Clubs: Jamison P. Roth
Phone: 724-938-5907

Reference Desk - Manderino Library (Mailbox #: 15)
Phone: 724-938-4094

ROTC, Department of - Eberly Hall 151C (Mailbox #: 27)
Director: Chris Painter
Staff Sergeant: Charles Minor
Career Counselor : Jesse Maund
Phone: 724-938-1679

SAI Board of Directors - Natali Student Center 334 (Mailbox #: 85)
Phone: 724-938-4269

SAI Web Development - Natali Student Center
Phone: 724-938-4515

Science & Technology, Eberly College of - Eberly Hall 330 (Mailbox #: 43)
Dean: John R. Kallis
Administrative Assistant I: Karen A. Perry
Administrative Assistant I: Cindy L. Stonick
Phone: 724-938-4169
Fax: 724-938-5743

Secondary Ed. And Administrative Leadership, Department of - Keystone Hall 408 (Mailbox #: 75)
Department Chairperson: Connie J. S. Monroe
Field Coordinator: Marcia L. Hoover
Clerk Typist II: Mary E. Marcini
Phone: 724-938-4140
Fax: 724-938-1590

Mark Abbondanza
Silvia L. Braidic
Karen M. Croftcheck
Robert S. Freil
Keith D. Hepner
Linda Hippert
Marcia L. Hoover
Catherine Lobaugh
J. Kevin. Lordon
Jo Beth. McKee
Connie J. S. Monroe
Andrea W. Peck
Michael Perrotti
Susan L. Rutledge
John W. Smart
Gregory A. Taranto
G. Brian Toth
Johannah Mischelle. Vanatta
Joseph F. Zisk
Nancy E. Zisk

Serials - Manderino Library (Mailbox #: 15)
Phone: 724-938-4099

Social Equity, Office of - South Hall 112 (Mailbox #: 9)
Special Assistant to the President for EEEO: Dr. John A. Burnett, Ph.D.
Title IX Coordinator: Dr. John A. Burnett, Ph.D.
Administrative Assistant: Tracy L. Breckenridge
Phone: 724-938-4014
Fax: 724-938-1672

Social Work, Department of - Azorsky Hall 200 (Mailbox #: 90)
Chairperson & BSW Program Director: Sheri Boyle
Field Coordinator: James Andrews
Site Coordinator R. Benjamin Wiley Partnership: Gwendolyn Perry-Burney
Secretary of MSW: Monika Pankratz
Department Secretary: Elizabeth D. Young
Phone: 724-938-5910
Fax: 724-938-5977

Azadeh M. Block
Sheri Boyle
Cari Evans
Bernadette Jeffrey
Sharon B. Juli
Tracey Kowal
Selina E. Matis
Gwendolyn Perry-Burney
T. Thao Pham
Rosalie Smiley
Norma Thomas
Pamela Twiss
Seth Vargo
Carolyn Wass
Bonnie Young Laing
Jane Zupancic

Special Education, Department of - Keystone Hall 108 (Mailbox #: 66)
Department Secretary: Ellen L. Barkley
Phone: 724-938-4142
Fax: 724-938-1527

James O. Burton
Lisa Hampe
Peter Heh
Stephanie Hindman
Linda Kay. Jukes
Jason Kight
Kalie Kossar
Renae Kotchman
Katherine J.. Mitchem
Elizabeth Pernelli
Mary Seman

Sports Information - Hamer Hall 255 (Mailbox #: 34)
Phone: 724-938-4552

Stadium Training Room - Adamson Stadiums (Mailbox #: 14)
Phone: 724-938-1678

Staff Lounge - Manderino Library (Mailbox #: 15)
Phone: 724-938-4280

Student Association, Inc. - Natali Student Center 332 (Mailbox #: 85)
Director of Technology Services: Pam DelVerne
Director of Wellness and Fitness: Brenda Fetsko
Director of Print and Multimedia Journalism: Jeff Helsel
Director, Fraternity & Sorority Life/Special Publications: Joy M. Helsel
Student Center Coordinator: Cheryl Golembiewski
Farm Facilities Manager: Gene Knight
Student Media Operations Manager: JR Wheeler
Payroll Supervisor: Lisa L. Hartley
Athletic Practice Fields Foreman: Ron Sealy
Accounts Payable: Lisa L. Hartley
Administrative Assistant: Nicole R. Arthur
Senior Housing Accountant: Keith Skirpan
University Liaison to SAI: Nancy Pinardi
Chief Financial Officer (CFO): Leigh A. Lincoln
Senior Traditional Accountant: Kim Cupplo
Accounts Receivable/Office Administrator: Tonya Kirkland
Phone: 724-938-4303
Fax: 724-938-5959

Student Affairs, Office of - Natali Student Center 311 (Mailbox #: 86)
Vice President: Nancy Pinardi
Associate Vice President: Timothy Susick
Interim Associate Vice President: Lawrence J. Sebek
Associate Dean for Student Affairs: Nancy Skobel
Associate Dean for Student Conduct: Jim Pflugh
Associate Dean for Student Services: Terry Wigle
Student Center Assistant Director: Paul Fazio
Assistant Director of Recreational Services: Thomas Hasbrouck
Director of Student Activities & Programming / Leadership: Melissa M. Dunn
Director, Center for Volunteer Programs and Service Learning: Diane M. Hasbrouck
Assistant Director of Commuter and Non-Traditional Student Services: Sheleta J. Webb
Alcohol & Other Drug Coordinator - PASSHE: Donna George
Staff R.N.: Doris A. Sutch
Registered Nurse: Barbara V. Cypher
Administrative Assistant: Debra Custer
Executive Staff Assistant: Brenda DePaoli
Licensed Professional Counselor: John D. Massella
Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Education Specialist: Rachel K. Michaels
Phone: 724-938-4439
Fax: 724-938-1596

Dawn M. Moeller
Mary Ann Salotti

Student Activities Office - Natali Student Center 337 (Mailbox #: 85)
Phone: 724-938-4303

Student Government - Natali Student Center (Mailbox #: 85)
Phone: 724-938-4318

Student Support Services - Manderino Library 430 (Mailbox #: 76)
Administrative Assistant: Katherine A. Nogy
Phone: 724-938-4230
Fax: 724-938-5981

Student Teaching, Office of - Keystone Hall 200 (Mailbox #: 3)
Phone: 724-938-4125
Fax: 724-938-4346

Students with Disabilities (OSD), Office of - Carter Hall G-35 (Mailbox #: 7)
Management Technician: Patricia A. Godla
Phone: 724-938-4012
Fax: 724-938-4599

Robert M. Mehalik

Systems Analyst - Natali Student Center 353 (Mailbox #: 85)
Phone: 724-938-4303

T.R.A.I.T. -
Associate Vice President: Timothy Susick

Taylor & Byrnes - Natali Student Center
Phone: 724-938-5689

Teaching and Learning Center - Keystone Hall 409 (Mailbox #: 79)
Director: Joseph F. Zisk
Instructional Technology Manager: C.J. DeJuliis
Management Technician: Rendie Settles
Instructional Designer / LMS Administrator: Jon Kallis
Phone: 724-938-4168
Fax: 724-938-1590

Technology Preparation, Office of - Eberly Hall (Mailbox #: 79)
Phone: 724-938-4312
Fax: 724-938-5883

Sycamore Bistro - Herron Hall (Mailbox #: 81)
Phone: 724-938-4527

Theatre and Dance, Department of - Steele Hall M107 (Mailbox #: 16)
Costume Shop Coordinator: Joni J. Farquhar
Facility Manager: Benjamin Geibel
Secretary: Janie Walmsley
Dance advisor: Rebecca Hess
Phone: 724-938-4220
Fax: 724-938-1587

Diane Buffington
Brian C. Eisiminger
Sabrina Hykes-Davis
Michele Pagen
Deborra B. Peelor
John Paul Staszel

Theatre Box Office - Steele Hall I110 (Mailbox #: 16)
Box Office Manager: Janie Walmsley
Phone: 724-938-5943
Fax: 724-938-1587

TRIO and Academic Services, Department of - Manderino Library 430 (Mailbox #: 76)
Chairperson: Christine S. Crawford
Administrative Assistant: Katherine A. Nogy
Secretary, Upward Bound Program: Rosanna P. Ondrish
Phone: 724-938-4230
Fax: 724-938-5981

Christine S. Crawford
Laura A. Giachetti
Patricia A. Johnson
Jennifer Ramsey
Cerenna Sealy
Gary C. Seelye
Lisa Solomon Driscoll

TV Studio (Not CUTV) - Morgan Hall 253 (Mailbox #: 73)
Phone: 724-938-4292

University Relations - Old Main 113 (Mailbox #: 62)
Phone: 724-938-5938
Fax: 724-938-5880

University Conference Services (Convocation Center) - Convocation Center (Mailbox #: 110)
Executive Director: Becky L. McMillen
Technical Director: Gloria Stone
Event Coordinator : Lindsay M. Bullis
Fax: 724-938-5963

University Development and Alumni Relations - Old Main 111 (Mailbox #: 112)
Assoc.Vice President, University Development & Alumni Relations: Anthony F. Mauro
Director of Development: Lynn C. Baron
Director of Alumni Relations: Leslie A. Fleenor
Senior Director of Development: Cathy Connelly
Manager, Data and Support Services: Christian Caldwell
Development Manager, Affinity Engagement: Randi Minerva
Administrative Assistant: Staci Tedrow
Executive Staff Assistant: Kathleen A. Kuharik
Phone: 724-938-5775
Fax: 724-938-4547

University Forum - Old Main 112 (Mailbox #: 99)
Secretary: Dana L. Turcic
Phone: 724-938-1633
Fax: 724-938-4373

University Printing Services - Azorsky Hall 103 (Mailbox #: 111)
Clerical Supervisor II: Julie L. Kingsley
Clerk II: Pam Luko
Phone: 724-938-4040
Fax: 724-938-1600
E-Mail Address:

University-Wide Mentoring - Noss Hall 120 (Mailbox #: 104)
Assistant Director: Dori Eichelberger
Director, First Year Experiences and Mentoring: Karen Amrhein
Phone: 724-938-1682

Upward Bound Program - Manderino Library 430 (Mailbox #: 76)
Phone: 724-938-4470
Fax: 724-938-5738

Crystal R. McCray

Utilities & Energy Management - (Mailbox #: 26)
Assistant Director of Utilities & Energy: John N. DeJuliis Jr.
Utility Plant Supervisor: Malen L. Stump
Management Technician: Nicholas Pawuk
Utility Plant Operator II: Mark W. Bellis
Utility Plant Operator II: David A. Zollars
Utility Plant Ooperator II: Kevin Black
Phone: 724-938-4534

Veteran's Affairs - Manderino Library 317 (Mailbox #: 84)
Director: Robert L. Prah
Phone: 724-938-4076
Fax: 724-938-4584

Vulcan Theatre - Natali Student Center (Mailbox #: 85)
Phone: 724-938-4300

Vulcan Village - Leasing Office (Mailbox #: 86)
Director: Scott M. Helfrich
Assistant Director: Justin D. Schiefelbein
Maintenance Manager: Thomas Zemany
Leasing and Marketing Manager: Jared Shiner
Assistant Leasing & Marketing Manager: Jackie Schwirian
Maintenance Technician: Jeremy Hodge
Maintenance Technician: Richard Morris
Phone: 724-938-8990
Fax: 724-938-8995

WCAL - Natali Student Center 115 (Mailbox #: 85)
Phone: 724-938-5792

Webmaster, Office of the - Old Main 301 & 302 (Mailbox #: 31)
Phone: 724-938-4304
E-Mail Address:

Welcome Center and Office of Student Orientation Programs - Eberly Hall 142 (Mailbox #: 35)
Assistant Director: Kevin M. Eggleston
Director, Welcome Center: Jenifer L. Sigado
Director, Student Ambassadors: Jenifer L. Sigado
Director, Student Orientation: Jenifer L. Sigado
Secretary: Carrie Pavtis
Phone: 724-938-1626
Fax: 724-938-1660

Wellness Center - Carter Hall G-53 (Mailbox #: 32)
Registered Nurse/Nurse Supervisor: Debra Anderson
Registered Nurse: Christa L. Grillo
Registered Nurse: Cheryl J. Lotti
Registered Nurse: Tina Pierce
Registered Nurse: Dolores N. Stark
Administrative Assistant: Dee Tomi
Registered Nurse (Temporary): Julie Zetkulic
Registered Nurse (PT Temporary): Mary E. Bilitski
Registered Nurse (PT/Permanent): Lorrie A. Robaugh
Certified Nurse Practitioner/Education Specialist: Frances Fayish
Phone: 724-938-4232
Fax: 724-938-4509

Women's Center - Natali Student Center 117 (Mailbox #: 80)
Director: Nancy Skobel
Clerk Typist II: Donna Hoak
Phone: 724-938-5857
Fax: 724-938-4987

Women's Studies, Office of - Azorsky Hall 136 (Mailbox #: 6)
Phone: 724-938-5245
Fax: 724-938-4265

Word Processing Center - Manderino Library 230
Phone: 724-938-4082

Writing Center - Noss Hall 110
Phone: 724-938-4336