Is Online Learning Right for You?

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Are You Ready for Online Learning QuizAre You Ready for Online Learning Quiz

Is Online Learning Right for You?

1. Do you understand and are you comfortable with using computer technologies?\

  • A - Yes! I am able to use the computer and Internet easily.
  • B - Somewhat. I have used a computer and the Internet before and am willing to learn more.
  • C - Not really. I usually need help when using a computer and/or the Internet.

2. Do you want the flexibility of being able to participate in class on particular days and times that are convenient for you?

  • A - Yes.
  • B - Somewhat.
  • C - No, I need a schedule.

3. Are you proficient at expressing yourself in writing?

  • A - Yes.
  • B - Somewhat.
  • C - I am better at live conversation.

4. Will you be able to follow and comprehend course information through reading?

  • A - Yes.
  • B - Maybe. I may require some assistance.
  • C - No, I am not good at following written directions.

5. Do you require face-to-face social interaction with instructors and classmates in order to learn?

  • A - No.
  • B - Somewhat. I would prefer some interaction with my professor and classmates.
  • C - Yes, I need the classroom environment.

6. Are you independent, self-motivated and good at budgeting your time?

  • A - Yes.
  • B - Somewhat.
  • C - No.

7. Do you require immediate comments or feedback on your work or answers to your questions?

  • A - No, I can wait for a timely answer.
  • B - I would prefer an immediate response, but I can wait for a timely answer.
  • C - Yes, I need the answer right after I ask my question.

8. Do you understand that an online course requires just as much work as an on-campus course?

  • A - Yes, I am up for the challenge!
  • B - Aren't online courses just a little bit easier?
  • C - Online courses are a breeze!

If you answered ...

Mostly A - Online learning is right for you! Find out how to apply now.

Mostly B - Online learning will work for you, but, you may need to make a few adjustments in your schedule and habits.

Mostly C - Contact the Global Online Office at 1-866-595-6348 to speak to one of our representatives who can answer any questions you may have.