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A student works out in a exercise pool. A student works out in a exercise pool.

Christian Somerville

Christian Somerville

Lansdowne, PA

Professional Science Master’s in Cybersecurity

"I started because I wanted a new Challenge, and to fill in the gaps left by my undergraduate program."

"1. The Faculty is very knowledgeable, and responsive.
2. The overall courses/content was excellent.
3. Very affordable"

"I have a very busy schedule and some blocks of time I would be overwhelmed with just my profressional obligations. Fortunately the structure of the program allowed me to work at my own pace and take less credits during busy times of year."

"I learned so much, I now utilize much of my gained knowledge into my daily responsibilities. I can now work more efficiently on projects and communicate on an even level with many project managers of many disciplines."

"They were excellent, very responsive and answered many of my questions. Dr. Chen was very helpful and answered many of my concerns and questions (he is the main reason why I chose the program and stayed with it to no end.)

"It has given me a new way to analyze and handle many of the day to day tasks that I have as well as the larger projects. I now have a firmer grasp on several aspects of project management as well as handling security incidents and what to look for in various scenarios."

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