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Graduate Assistantships

Please note: The Fall 2017 hiring period is now closed.

Cal U provides graduate assistantships to a limited number of qualified graduate students. A Graduate Assistant (GA) is a student employee supported by funds (a stipend) provided by the University or other source and administered through the University.

 A GA performs specific duties, such as: supporting instruction, supervising labs or other facilities, assisting faculty with scholarship, and contributing to departments’ academic, scholarship, and service endeavors. A GA receives part-time employment in the pursuit of a graduate degree, encourages scholarship, and enhances the academic experience.

Graduate students who qualify may express interest in securing a GA position by: 

     -- Viewing our open positions in the links below and contacting the Supervisor listed directly
     -- Contacting a department, office or program that is offering a position that aligns with their 
         academic interests. 

     -- Checking the daily Announcements for advertised positions.

For more information on Graduate Assistantships, review the Graduate Assistant Handbook.

(Once you find the position you are interested in, please use People Finder to locate the Supervisor's contact information.)

Students can  also email their resume to Wendi Jacobs at


Graduate Assistant Timesheets:
GA Timesheet 300 Hour
GA Timesheet 200 Hour
GA Timesheet 100 Hour