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Readmission to Cal UReadmission to Cal U

Readmission and Degree Completion

You earned some college credits, but then life got in the way. If you’re ready now to return to Cal U and complete your bachelor’s or master’s degree, we can show you the fastest route to graduation — in less time and with less cost than you might imagine.

Readmission counselors will work with you, step by step, to evaluate the academic credits you’ve already earned. Then we’ll help you map out a personalized plan to complete your studies, either on campus or 100% online.

Enrolled students may even be eligible for credits based on prior learning or on-the-job experience.

A schedule you can live with

You know that a college degree offers the potential for increased income, greater job security and career advancement. But returning to school also means balancing school, work and family responsibilities.

That’s why Cal U offers evening classes, accelerated degree programs and 100% online options starting in winter, spring, summer or fall. We’ll help you to identify a program that can meet your educational goals, whether you want to:

A price you can afford

As a member of Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education, California University is an affordable option for finishing your college degree, whether you choose to return as a full-time or part-time student.

Financial aid is available for qualifying students.

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  • For more information about Undergraduate Readmission Application in Good Standing, call the Undergraduate Office of Admissions at 724-938-4404 or email . This Readmission link is for students who achieved a 2.0 or higher previously.

  • For more information about Undergraduate Readmission Application after Academic Warning, Probation or Dismissal, call Academic Success at 724-938-1523 or email This Readmission link is for students who achieved a 2.0 or below previously.

  • For more information about Graduate readmission to Cal U, call Graduate Admissions at 724-938-4187 or email
  • For more information about Global Online readmission to Cal U, call Global Online at 1-866-595-6348 or email at

Undergrad Readmission Application in Good Standing

Whether you want to finish your Cal U bachelor's degree on campus or through Cal U Global Online, we'll help you find a schedule and program that will help meet your educational goals.


Undergrad Readmission - Academic Warning/Probation/Dismissal

Students can be readmitted to the university with an Academic Standing of Warning, Probation or Dismissal once they comply with the applicable readmission policy. Upon readmission, students will be placed on Academic Probation and may not enroll in more than four courses (12 to 14 credit limit) and must participate in the PASS Program (Probationary Assistance).


Graduate Readmission

With evening classes and accelerated degree programs, Cal U can help you finish your master's degree while you continue working.