How to View Your Transfer Credit Evaluation Online

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Degree Works Instructions

You may view your Degree Works by following the steps listed below: 

1)      Visit

2)      Click on QUICKLINKS (left side of page)

3)      Click on Get Campus User Name and Password

4)      Enter in the following information

  • 8 digit student login ID number (do not include the “C” at the beginning)
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • 8 digit birthdate (mmddyyyy)

5)      Click Submit.  This will take you to a new screen which will list your user ID and initial password.  *This page will expire in 60 seconds.  Please write down the user ID and initial password and store in a secure location for future reference.

6)       Click on the Cal U logo on the top left of the screen or type in your web browser to return to the main page.

7)      Click on Quick Links and select Check Email

8)      Enter your Username/Password

9)      Click on Options (top right), then select Change Your password

10)   Change your password (must be 8 characters in length and consist of 3 characteristics (uppercase character, lowercase character, numeric character, symbol character – do not use your name – will not be accepted

11)   Register your password at

12)   Click on the Cal U logo on the top left of the screen or type in your web browser to return to the main page.

13)   Click on VIP (Vulcan Information Portal) on the main page.

14)   Click on the Academic Info Tab.

15)   On the right hand side of this page, click Degree Works.  This site will list what courses you are receiving credit for and the requirements that are being fulfilled.

If you have questions or would like to appeal the transfer evaluation, please contact the transfer evaluation office by phone at (724) 938-5939 or by e-mail at transfer@calu.eduPLEASE NOTE:  Admission to a specific curriculum and acceptance of transfer credits in that curriculum shall be determined by the University at the time of your enrollment based upon the same established criteria required for current students.  Transfer courses with an earned grade lower than a “C” may need to be repeated based on degree requirements.            

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