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A Cal U student receiving guidance from a professor while working at a computer terminal.A Cal U student receiving guidance from a professor while working at a computer terminal.


The Office of Articulation and Transfer Evaluation strives to make transfer as easy as possible. We will work with you every step of the way.  See what some of our transfer students have to say about their transfer experiences.


Frank Fiorenini

"My transition to CALU was seamless, predominantly because the transfer team was very helpful, patient and flexible. The staff carefully walked me through transferable credits, and expectations for my anticipated major-I felt very confident that I would achieve what I wanted from a school tailored to my field."

           -Frank Fiorenini

Ashley Potts

“The Articulation and Transfer Evaluation office has been my go to phone call with all the needs and my many questions with my transfer into CAL U. They always answered my phone calls and emails in a timely fashion and have been more than willing to direct me to the right places.  The A&TE office is the number one reason for my interest in California University.  It is very apparent that they are doing what they do because their heart is in it.  I very much appreciate their time and dedication to their work.  Thank you!”

           -Ashley Potts

Abraham Vysocky

"During my third year of college in Minnesota, I moved outside of the U.S. Wanting to finish my degree, I transferred to Cal U's Global Online for long distance education. I was nervous at first that I would lose the progress of three years in college, but with the help of Assistance Director, Kaylee Gmutza, and the Office of Articulation & Transfer Evaluation, I was able to pick up exactly where I left off!"

            -Abraham Vysocky

John George

"I transferred to Cal U in the middle of the year, between the Fall and Spring Semester.  Amanda in Admissions and Kaylee in The Office of Articulation and Transfer made a stressful situation much easier.  They were helpful, knowledgeable and patient.  They were quick to respond to my many questions and I can't begin to thank them for making the transfer process a smooth one.  Dr. Bonfanti in the Communication Disorders Department was welcoming and helpful in the process as well.  These people confirmed that I made the right decision in transferring to Cal U." 

             -John George

Sarah Rothermel

"As a nontraditional transfer student, the application process required me to work closely with both the Admissions staff and the Transfer department to make sure that everything could go as smoothly as possible during my transition to Cal. I found both to be extremely accommodating and welcoming in the most refreshing way after dealing with a campus that was neither. All of my questions were answered quickly and effectively, and I was encouraged to ask more if I had them. I greatly look forward to working with the department more in the future!"

            -Sarah Rothermel

Tracey Pirronello

"My transfer experience with California University went more smoothly than I could have ever imagined! Sending my transcript was very simple. I received a response right away. The people in the transfer department are very friendly, personal, and willing to accommodate your needs! I am very pleased with my transfer experience at California University!"

           -Tracey Pirronello

Marissa Matos

"Since I started college at the Community College of Beaver County, I had my mind set on transferring to a different university. I had heard about Cal U's Global Online Social Deviance program twice. The first time, I wasn't interested because I just wanted to go to my first choice. The second time I figured I should find out some more information about the program. And I am so glad I did! I'm so happy to be transferring into the Social Deviance program. I know that this is the University I'm supposed to be at, and I know that this is the program for me. The faculty and staff have been absolutely amazing to me! Everyone I've met with and talked to at Cal U has really helped me in making this transfer so easy and comfortable for me. I know I am in good hands with Cal U and I look forward to being a proud alumni of California University of Pennsylvania!"

            -Marissa Matos


Our goal is to add your name to the growing list of positive experiences our transfer students have enjoyed!