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Reduction of Income

Who Should File A Reduction of Income Form?

Occasionally special circumstances arise that make the FAFSA data an inaccurate picture of a family's ability to pay. To evaluate these special circumstances, the Financial Aid Office requires the student and/or parent to complete a Reduction of Income Form [ Forms]. This form collects current year information in order to re-evaluate a student's financial aid eligibility based on these special circumstances.

Contact the Financial Aid Office to Complete a Reduction of Income Form if you meet any one of the following criteria:

  • Death of Parent or Spouse - If your spouse or a parent has died since filing the most recent FAFSA.
  • Loss of Employment - To qualify under this criterion, documentation must be provided verifying that you or your parent's employment status has changed. This can be from the unemployment office or a previous employer, or any other official documentation. Copies of the last pay stub received from all employers during the year are required. The reduction in income must be at least $10,000 less than the income reported on your most recent FAFSA.
  • Reduction or Loss of Untaxed Income - If a member of your family has experienced a reduction or loss of untaxed income or benefits, you must provide documentation stating the loss of the untaxed income.
  • Unreimbursed Medical Expenses - If your family has substantial medical expenses not covered by insurance in the current year, you may be eligible. Expenses must be greater than 7% of your adjusted gross income.

How do I file the Reduction of Income Form?

Contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss whether you might benefit from filing the Reduction of Income Form, which requires substantial documentation on your part.

When can I file a Reduction of Income Form?

The Reduction of Income Form will be available after June 1. Contact the Financial Aid Office at 724-938-4415.

How can I request reconsideration of Pennsylvania State Grant eligibility?

To request reconsideration of Pennsylvania State Grant eligibility based on special family circumstances, or to update enrollment data, select the proper form from the PHEAA website.  Refer to submission deadlines found on each form. Use 2009-10 academic year forms for Spring 2010 enrollment.

What types of situations are NOT considered valid reasons for filing the Reduction of Income Form?

        • Tuition paid for elementary or secondary private schooling.

        • Unusual expenses related to personal living

        • Business losses

        • One year bonus incomes

        • Reduction in overtime pay

        • Loss of employment for DEPENDENT students

        • Stock market losses

        • Bankruptcy

        • Retirement