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Student Work-Study Procedures

If work-study has been included as a part of your financial aid package from California University of Pennsylvania and you are interested in participating in this program, carefully review the information below. It will give you valuable information about how to find employment and on hiring procedures and payroll policies. If you are not interested in participating, simply ignore this information. Even if you are eligible for work-study employment, you are not required to participate in the Work-Study Program.

Step 1. How do you find a work-study job?

Various departments on campus post work-study job openings at the beginning of each semester. You are responsible for obtaining your own position by applying in person to the individual departments that have openings. The Financial Aid Office does not guarantee employment or place students in positions. Check the work-study Employment Postings to see what positions are available for the fall semester. We recommend you check the postings daily to see if new jobs have been added to the list.

Generally, positions on-campus allow students to work a maximum of eight hours per week at the prevailing minimum wage. Due to limited funding, not all students who are eligible for work-study will be hired.

Step 2. What is the hiring process?

  • Make an appointment with the department supervisor and interview for the positing.
  • Provide the supervisor with a copy of your Financial Aid Award to verify that you have been awarded work- study. You can print this information from the Vulcan Information Portal.
  • The department supervisor will complete your work-study employment hiring card.
  • Complete the state work-study application provided by your department supervisor.
  • Bring both the completed hiring card and state work-study application to the Financial Aid Office, located on the first floor of Dixon Hall.

Departments have the discretion to hire students who they believe best meet the needs of the job.

Step 3. How do you get paid?

Work-study is NOT automatically applied toward your charges for the academic year. That means your tuition bill will not reflect any money you receive from your work-study job. Instead, you will receive a paycheck that can be used to offset your educational expenses.

If you are participating in the Work-Study Program for the first time, you must:

  • Complete all necessary Payroll Forms
  • Take your completed forms to the Payroll Office (fourth floor, Dixon Hall) immediately to prevent any delay in your employment.
  • Once all paperwork is completed, you will receive a work-study approval slip from either the Financial Aid Office or the Payroll Office before you can begin working. You must take the approval form back to your department supervisor as proof that you have completed the process.

IMPORTANT: You may not begin working until all the steps above have been properly completed. Failure to do so may result in the termination of your employment.

If you have any questions regarding the Work-Study Program, contact the Financial Aid Office at 724-938-4415.

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