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Master of Arts in Social Science Applied CriminologyMaster of Arts in Social Science Applied Criminology

Master of Arts in Social Science Applied Criminology

Classes begin Fall and Spring Sessions Annually 

Cal U's  Applied Criminology program is on the forefront of understanding advanced criminological theories, the behavioral manifestations of violent offenders, and applying this knowledge to create policies and practices to prevent and/or predict the occurrences of serious offenses, and for those major crimes that have been committed, to identify the offenders and develop relevant admissible evidence before any number of courts or tribunals.

 In the program, students begin by building a strong foundation of theoretical and research knowledge and skills. Thus equipped, students learn to apply the theoretical framework to real-world situations involving criminal investigative analysis, equivocal death analysis, and geographical crime analysis.

The graduate faculty members combine their multi- and interdisciplinary expertise to the subject matter from criminological, criminal investigative, forensic, socio-psychological, legal, and research-driven perspectives.

Program Objectives

  • Create a strong foundation of theoretical knowledge and research skills.
  • Undertake behavioral analysis and apply newly learned skills and techniques to prevent, predict, and solve crimes having a major impact on societies throughout the world.  
  • Evaluate the ethical and legal aspects of the application of theory to practice.

Students with bachelor’s degrees in criminology, sociology, criminal justice, psychology, and forensic science are particularly suited for the M.A. in Applied Criminology, but the completion of any undergraduate degree will be acceptable.

For more information email us at or call our Global Online office at 1.866.595.6348.

Dr. John Cencich named #3 top professor in the nation in crime investigations!

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