Electrical Engineering Technology

Electrical Engineering Technology Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree

Electrical Engineering Technology

Configure new systems and pave the way for the future of electronics.

California University of Pennsylvania bachelor's degree program in electrical engineering technology blends theory with practical applications to develop both the broad knowledge and in-depth skills you need to design, develop, calibrate and repair electrical and electronic systems.

Cal U's hands-on approach to electrical engineering will prepare you for a wide range of careers solving problems in electronics-related industries. Seniors and graduates of this accredited bachelor's degree program are also eligible to sit for a pre-licensing Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam.

Cal U prepares you for career success.

  • Learn how to assess and evaluate complex technical and nontechnical problems.
  • Apply the knowledge, skills and techniques of modern tools and laboratory equipment used in electrical engineering.
  • Analyze, design and implement analog and microprocessor systems.
  • Use computer-based technology to solve technical problems.


Fieldwork: As an electrical engineering technology major you can complete an internship as part of your degree requirements. Work in an organization related to your career goals and receive practical on-the-job experience.

Accreditation: Cal U's electrical engineering technology program maintains international accreditation through the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission (ETAC) of ABET.

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Is the average annual salary for electrical and electronics engineering technicians. (Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.)
Of surveyed program graduates are in jobs or are pursuing graduate degrees. (From respondents to a survey of 2015 graduates.)
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Degree Benefits

With a electrical engineering technology degree you will:

  • Enjoy small upper-level class sizes and personal attention.
  • Have research opportunities, including a senior project and options to work with faculty on grant-funded and research projects.
  • Gain job experience through internships and/or paid career experience opportunities.
  • Learn to become a top performer in business, industry and society.
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Graduate Outcomes

Job opportunities for electrical engineering graduates are diverse and plentiful, as are opportunities to pursue graduate degree programs. Cal U's electrical engineering technology bachelor's degree alumni have been experiencing an excellent job market and growing demand. Job titles include:

  • Field service engineer.
  • Applications engineer.
  • Electronic
  • Software developer or programmer.
  • Engineering technician.
  • Instrumentation designer.
  • Field or sales support.
Electrical Engineering Technology Bachelor's Degree
electrical engineering technology degree

Top Faculty

Learn from distinguished faculty who have real-world experience in the field of electrical engineering. Cal U's electrical engineering technology faculty members are among the best scholars and practitioners in their fields, cumulatively contributing to hundreds of scholarly books, magazines and journals.

electrical engineering technology degree

Electrical Engineering Labs

Complete coursework, research and experiments in Cal U's four on-campus electrical engineering technology labs, including a "large format" lab with National Instruments ELVIS trainers; the Digital/Embedded Systems Lab, which has 18-channel mixed-signal oscilloscopes; the Analog Lab, which has 12 Tektronix oscilloscopes and function generators; a Senior Projects Lab and more.

electrical engineering technology degree

Engineering Technology Club

Join a community of electrical engineering technology students and other like-minded peers. Cal U's Engineering Technology Club is registered with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). As a member, you'll go on industrial tours, participate in conferences, give demonstrations and conduct experiments.

Electrical Engineering Technology Bachelor's Degree Courses

Bachelor's degree courses in electrical engineering technology offer you a strong blend of theoretical and practical concepts in electrical engineering technology, software engineering technology, hardware engineering technology, mathematics, computer science, natural science and general education.

  • Problem Solving and Programming Constructs
  • Introduction to Electrical Engineering Technology
  • Electrcal Circuts
  • Scientific and Technical Writing
  • Digital Electronic Design
  • Calculus
  • Introduction to Micropocessor Design
  • Introduction to Electric Design
  • Microprocessor Engineering
  • Automatic Controls Processing

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Electrical Engineering Technology

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Electrical Engineering Technology Faculty

Ghassan A. Salim
Assistant Professor


Jeffrey S. Sumey
Associate Professor