Forensic Accounting Minor

Forensic Accounting Minor Minor

About the Minor in Forensic Accounting

Analyze accounting records to detect and prevent financial wrongdoing.

Prepare to be an active, contributing member of an accounting team with a minor in forensic accounting from PennWest California.

This 100% online program equips you with the skills to identify, prevent, detect and correct fraudulent schemes, such as:

  • Embezzlement
  • Fraudulent financial reporting.
  • Misappropriation of assets.

For students who wish to complete the 21-credit forensic accounting program without seeking a PennWest California bachelor's degree, a certificate in forensic accounting is available as a stand-alone credential to enhance your resume.

Learn to perform effective investigations that stand up in court.

In PennWest California's online forensic accounting program, you'll sharpen your accounting and investigative skills as you investigate business and tax records for signs of possible financial misconduct or fraud. You'll also learn to preserve the integrity of any evidence uncovered during an investigation, so it can be used in legal proceedings.

The program prepares you for employment in various settings, such as the forensic accounting division of a public accounting firm, a consulting firm specializing in risk accounting and fraud, an attorney's office, a government or law enforcement agency, or a financial institution.

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS: Forensic Accounting Minor

Hands-on learning: Students in PennWest California's forensic accounting minor participate in a mock forensic accounting investigation. You'll collaborate with your peers as you experience firsthand how to collect, analyze and document evidence of possible fraud, interrogate key figures within the investigation, and write a report summarizing your findings.

Faculty expertise: Students in the forensic accounting minor benefit from learning alongside faculty from PennWest California's Department of Business, Economics and Enterprise Sciences. These skilled professors have a wide range of professional backgrounds pertinent to forensic accounting, including business, finance, accounting, public policy and law.

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Anticipated growth rate through 2024 for the accounting field overall, exceeding the national average. Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Median salary for fraud investigators in the United States is $55,100; this increases to $77,345 for accountants with a Certified Fraud Examiner credential. Source: Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
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Degree Benefits

PennWest California's 100% online program lets you add a forensic accounting minor to any program of study, no matter your class schedule, or to earn a certificate in forensic accounting while you continue to work full time. Asynchronous course delivery lets you complete your assignments at any time, from any location with Internet access.

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Graduate Outcomes

Heightened awareness of fraudulent activity, and a growing public intolerance for these crimes, have increased the demand for forensic accountants. Graduates of this program are prepared for employment as accountants, auditors, special agents, investigators or risk management professionals.

Minor in Forensic Accounting
Forensic accounting book and computer.

Enhance Your Degree

A minor or certificate in forensic accounting tells employers that you have specific accounting and investigative skills, plus an understanding of how to gather and preserve evidence found during an investigation. Program graduates also may obtain professional certifications, such as Certified Public accountant (CPA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA) or Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE).

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Develop a Specialty

Adding a forensic accounting minor allows students in accounting and finance programs to develop a specialized area of expertise. The minor also combines well with majors such as criminal justice or mathematics. Accountants who already are working in the field may find that a certificate in forensic accounting prepares them for promotion or a more specialized position.  

Online Forensic Accounting Courses

Course Credits
ACC 200  Financial Accounting 3
ACC 301  Intermediate Accounting I* 3
ACC 441  Auditing* 3
ACC 450  Introduction to Accounting Fraud Investigation* 3
ACC 451  Advanced Accounting Fraud Investigation* 3
BUS 345  Business Ethics* 3
MGT 376  Cyberlaw and E-Privacy Issues for Business* 3
Total 21

* These courses have pre-requisites.

Program Note: No more than 9 credits in the minor may be applied to satisfy requirements in the student’s major. (Internship not included in this restriction.)

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